Does it get any lower? Politicizing the Sandy Hook tragedy....


The argument is that gun manufacturers should be allowed to be sued for the actions of someone. It was a question asked to Sanders.

I understand the anger and passion of such a case, and the Sandy Hook case is the target for this rage. However, how is this any different than a knife manufacturer being sued for their knives being used in a crime? Or car manufacturers if someone use it to intentionally run someone over? Or the baseball bat manufacturers? How about someone suing Paramount if one of their movies gives someone ideas and they go and harm others?

If these companies are marketing and encouraging mass murders than I can understand the potential of a lawsuit. They asked Bernie Sanders about this and as much as I don’t support him the fact that he has taken a position on this to suggest manufacturers are responsible for the actions of someone.

Am I missing something here? Using this tragedy and pin a guy down with the question of guns and a specific incident leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Are there not any sacred lines one should not cross?


The short answer is no, there are no lines they won’t cross. The ultimate goal is to disarm us altogether. Because it’s far too hard to oppress the most well-armed private citizenry in the world.


Dude, what? Did you even LISTEN to Sanders? Here

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Hate him all you want, but get your facts straight on his positions. He is a self avowed socialist, so there are lots of things you can attack him on. However, he is very very clearly saying he does not want to hold manufactures responsible for the actions of someone. (Unless they are knowingly selling the guns to criminals like murderers) He actually voted for the act that gave gun manufacturers immunity to these sort of lawsuits.

HILARY on the other hand…


Yeah, Sanders voting to prevent gun manufacturers from being sued has been a huge issue on the Democratic side. Clinton has literally spent millions of dollars saying that Sanders “Stands with NRA over victims of gun crime”.

> Using this tragedy
I will point out that no one has ever milked a tragedy more than Republicans used 9/11 to justify every crackpot idea that entered their minds. Only someone that condemns the Patriot Act, The DoHS, The Iraq War, and how Bush lied us into it, could possibly have a leg to stand on saying that tragedies shouldn’t be exploited. Republicans wrote the book on cynically using people’s deaths to push political agendas and restrict freedoms.


Yes sorry, I meant to state that even though I don’t support him he is correct on this issue.
He deserves some credit for standing up to such a ridiculous concept.


Only that Bush didn’t lie. He was given intel about Iraq which has proven true, as Iraq did have terrorist training camps and WMD’s that were shipped to Syria right before we invaded. The video of the convoy was shown on Fox News, CNN, and other news agencies, and has since been buried so they can have their “Bush Lied” narrative. We watched it, live, on air in Qatar before the troops were sent in. Syria has since used some of those chemical weapons on the rebels.

But carry on… The Patriot Act has been abused, just as the Left and Liberaltarians said it would. Y’all got that right.