Does the left hate the poor? The Minimum Wage Harms the Most Vulnerable


Great thread, and an excellent anecdote by RET. This is what makes America great.[QUOTE=RET423;577479]In 1981 the Carter recession had not yet subsided and the little mountain town I lived in had a 22 percent unemployment rate, I quit school to take a 14 hour a day job splitting firewood in the high sierras for 25 dollars a day plus “lunch”. I remember how everyone was amazed that I found work until they heard the pay rate, but that same employer recovered from the recession a year later and rewarded my previous years loyalty and work with a raise to 200 dollars a day and all equipment expenses paid. “Expenses” were a lot since he had returned to regular logging, it costs a good chunk to keep quality chain saws and all the related supply’s handy.Everyone was going back to work by then but nobody was making close to my salary, in 1982 that was pretty big money. Back when I was first starting the 25 dollar a day grind I almost quit but my Dad asked me “Do you have anything better to do?”, I said “No, the whole towns out of work”. He said [B][I]“Always do something, even if its wrong. If nothing else it moves you along to something better”.[/I][/B]My Dad is a sage in many ways, I have met a few employers with the kind of character that Liberals always portray private companies as having but they are few and far between. Most are great people who care about their communities and their employees a great deal, when you show them that you get it and care about their business they do not take that for granted.I know for a fact that I was not paid the legal “minimum wage” for that first year, there was just not enough money poaching firewood to pay that and cover expenses. If that boss had been “caught” by our Liberals he would have been forced to quit and I would have joined the rest of the unemployed guys drinking beer all day in the dirt parking lot behind the Mini-Mart.Thank the Lord for “criminals” like that man who find a way to trudge on in bad times and in so doing provide great opportunities for those willing to pay the price.[/QUOTE]