Does this make people of Missouri more or less safe?

Damn. We’ll see. Ouch not a good time to be a cop

Yup, this is th right-wing version of sanctuary cities.

This is how we answer unruly Federal laws-- refuse to enforce them.

Federalism was always an answer.

wait. what?

since when, and how, and what, and HOW can you connect refusing to enforce laws with the right wing? Refusing to enforce laws is monopolized by the left. They literally own this premise.

Right wing version of sanctuary cities? … There is no right wing version of a sanctuary city this is a purely democrat idea. Are you okay? Your logic is breaking into dust size particles. I say this with the utmost honesty and love: get help. I mean not watching CNN videos, I mean actually pay someone to give you counseling.

Because it’s literally what the order is “don’t enforce these federal laws”, and it’s the very comparison the Missouri Governor and AG made when they stated their case:

Ftr, I’m not criticizing them, I welcome this. This is learning from a tactic of the left, and using it to our own advantage.

While also being a win for Federalism, which I was always a supporter of.

The left is notorious for only enforcing the laws they choose on who they choose. In the minds of liberals all people are NOT created equally and therefore require unequal treatment in society.

I don’t see this eye for an eye tactic being used by conservatives for any length of time. We believe in a justice system not social justice.

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