Dog Tested/Dog Approved (The Barkleys)

Taking a break from all of the news that we love to hate, I wanted to post something entertaining … just this once!

I HATE commercials and thought that when cable/pay TV came along … commercials were supposed to be a thing of the past!

Anyone notice how they have even inserted themselves into your movie going experiences?
(Included with the high price of your ticket!)

Well, I must admit that Subaru has become the one exception to my, Must Hate Commercials, No Matter What mantra!

You’ve had to have seen those Dog Tested Dog Approved Subaru 30 second commercial clips?

If you haven’t seen the newest Car Wash clip … take a look:

Car Wash
(Not Up To The Task)

This one is a Behind The Scenes, while filming look.

Behind The Scenes

And here is a link to all of the Dog Tested clips:



Driving Lesson

In the Dog House