Dominion employee sues

Well, this will be interesting. Looks like Giuliani, Powell will get their day in court after all where they can substantiate their claims that Dominion, specifically the claim that Eric Coomer, who has served as director of product strategy and security for Dominion Voting Systems, bragged about rigging the 2020 election against Donald Trump in an antifa conference call.

Seems Eric is a little pissed and doesn’t like to have to go into hiding because of daily death threats coming from Trump supporters and has decided to sue.

Seems FOX, Newsmax, and OAN and all the Trump lawyers can work together and will finally be able to stand up and tell the story!

Oh, wait…Never mind.

From the story:

In a three-minute segment aired on three shows that previously played host to some of the more zany election fraud claims coming from Trump’s advocates—Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” and Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” and Jeanine Pirro’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine”—Fox News appeared to retract allegations made against Smartmatic.

Seems there are consequences for lying after all.

Seems if the stories of election fraud were true these people and organizations would use this opportunity to put forward all the alleged proof…

But, it won’t happen because there was never any proof to begin with, this was always about stoking the rage of Trump supporters.

I’m just curious to see how RET and PapaD try to explain this situation away.

What’s really ironic is the Trump is calling these organizations and people cowards for backing off the story. I guess it’s easy to call others cowards when it’s not your money and reputation that’s on the line.

Too bad pardons don’t forgive civil penalties.

Did you ever attend a trump rally? They were insane. So many people.

Did Biden even have a rally? Other than going to his dialysis appointments I don’t think he left his house.

It’s hard for people to comprehend how a basement dwelling bumbling moron could actually win a presidential election. It hurts people’s brains to comprehend this. At this point they are grasping for any possible feasible reason as to why this happened. Can our nation seriously be that stupid? In the words of Obama supporters: yes we can

Seeing some random fat kid at McDonalds beat up say, Floyd Mayweather in a fair fight will cause some questions to be raised. Such as, was this fight actually fair?

It’s easier to search for any possible fraud scandal to hold on to than to admit the truth. The average IQ is now probably hovering in the double digits and it’s only going to get worse.

…but Joe is going to save us

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Is that what makes a good leader? I can think of a few other terrible leaders capable of large “insane” rallies.

This should give you some hint of just how bad Trump was. He lost to that basement-dwelling, dialysis needing moron.

I suppose this is a metaphor, but instead of me guessing what it means, I’ll let you explain.

Forgive me, I’m failing to follow here, what truth is that?

Not really a Biden fan, so your sarcasm doesn’t really resonate with me.

Is that what makes a good leader? I can think of a few other terrible leaders capable of large “insane” rallies.

They sometimes indicate support given to any cause or leader by a society. I can think of other terrible leaders capable of large insane rallies as well and they are all in power.

This should give you some hint of just how bad Trump was. He lost to that basement-dwelling, dialysis needing moron.

Unless there was foul play

I suppose this is a metaphor, but instead of me guessing what it means, I’ll let you explain.

Okay. Take a smart, savvy, funny, successful person and pit them against an opponent with the intelligence of a potato in a political race and you’d probably place your bet with the first option. Since the potato won, it’s only reasonable to call into question how this happened. Even though it has been a politically successful potato.

Forgive me, I’m failing to follow here, what truth is that?

The truth that the school system coupled with the media have dumbed down society to the point where we are now facing 4 years being led by a man who doesn’t know what day it is. Or if it’s day or night or what the difference is.

Not really a Biden fan, so your sarcasm doesn’t really resonate with me.

Then I’m wasting my time. And you, a Trump-hating/non-Biden-supporter, are a rare bird.

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Why do Trump supporters always try to use rally size as a benchmark for success? Polls are “fake” and can’t be used to infer election trends, but a picture of a crowd is the end all be all?

Biden wasn’t even trying to have “rallies” because it is irresponsible in the time of covid. They were meant to be sparsely attended.

And that’s what this thread is about. Giuliani, Powell and Wood have all been trying to get their cases regarding election fraud in front of the courts. Seems that Dominion and Eric Coomer have given them a fantastic opportunity. If what they said was true, they’ll need to prove it.

Here’s my prediction. They won’t prove it and either they will retract or they’ll be sued.

I think this case is a perfect litmus test and is a gift to the lawyers claiming election fraud, if in fact it’s true. If not, it’s a nightmare.

That’s easy, people got sick, to death, of Trump. Of course, there is a smaller group that really likes him. That’s why he lost to Biden. A capable politician in his own right.


See, that’s part of your problem. Most dems are like me. Wherever you get your information is only presenting you with the extremes of the Dem party and trying to make it seem that they are larger and more influential than they are.

Quite literally, in some cases.

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Not necessarily, since the media tilted the playing field for Biden to the point where it was almost vertical.

Biden wasn’t even trying to speak at all, because his handlers knew that he was one candidate who could rival Trump as a gaffe machine.

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I’ll give you that, it played a part in it for sure.

Smartmatic and Dominion are NOT the same things or the same companies. As usual, still MORE misdirection by CSB on this board!

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Few thoughts:

If you are right, and you are, how does my “misdirection” in this case change anything I’ve said? If they are the same company or different companies, so what?

It’s sort of ironic your correction of me and then assuming I’m trying to misdirect after being corrected over and over again about your misstatements with respect to automobile accident stats.

I simply misunderstood and thought Smartmatic was the parent company of Dominion (a claim that was made by people on the political right that I fell for).

Now can we get back to the point of the thread? There are suits being filed by Smartmatic and by an employee of Dominion. I would think you’d be ecstatic! I mean, everyone that’s brought a suit into federal court alleging election fraud, specifically with respect to voting machines and had it thrown out will now have their opportunity to prove their cases in court while also proving they didn’t slander these companies and individuals.

Here is a Segment on Lou Dobbs where all the accusations made by Fox are cleared up nicely.


So what do you think PapaD (and RET)?

Will Powell, Giuliani and Wood step up and bring all of their proof and evidence? What about the inside person in intelligence who’s been feeding Powell information, the person who has identified themselves as “spider”? Maybe they can help?

Oh wait, that person has been outed and turns out it’s a pro Trump blogger who’s been fraudulently misidentifying themselves and their credentials.

Double ouch.

The sad part is, none of this will phase you in the slightest. You’ll create excuses in your own mind to explain away the blatantly obvious lies told by FOX, OAN and Newsmax, not to mention Powell, Giuliani and Wood (the three stooges) and of course Trump himself. I hope they all get their asses sued into the ground. I hope all three lawyers are sanctioned and disbarred, that is, unless they meet these suits head on and provide the evidence of the claims they made. If they do that I’ll happily admit you were right and retract everything I’ve said.

But, again, as I am a betting man, I’m willing to bet anyone here on this forum that will never, ever happen. The news companies will tuck tail and retract their stories and the three stooges won’t go to court and present their evidence because their asses will be on the line and Trump won’t be able to pardon their misdeeds away.

This is such a slam dunk, for you (in that the stooges present the evidence they claim to have) or for me, when the stooges back off and perhaps even suffer civil damages for their lies.

Time will tell.

I wouldn’t believe anything published in The Hill–or at least take what they print at face value, although I will acknowledge that people who “think” like you might.

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That doesn’t make it wrong. It just means you refuse to believe it.

You sort of missed commenting on the rest of the story.

You must be pretty excited, yes? I mean the chance to present evidence of voter fraud comitted by voting systems (the only real ways to effect the election to the extent needed to undo the election as it sits today).

By REFUSING to allow experts to examine the voting machines, the dim-wits had enough time to replace the software they used with an innocuous set.

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Acctually, according to RET, forensics were don’t on machines by James Ramsland Jr. Sidney Powell had over 1000 machines held to do forensics on in three counties in GA.

So that story doesn’t wash.

Even if it were true and people had erased these machines, there would be proof of that as well.

So I’m not buying it. You on the other hand have to buy it, otherwise you need to come face to face with the FACT that Powell, Ellis, Wood, Giuliani and Ramsland, not to menation Trump, have all been lying to you.

Given your personal investment in these lies, I understand how difficult it is to admit that they lied.

That said, even if what you say is true, there should be plenty of evidence to form a case to show that your accusations were based on facts. If Powell made claims about votes being changed in machines, surely they already had the evidence to make those claims, right? Please tell me they weren’t just taking the word of a few people who could have been lying to them? Surely they wouldn’t have passed these allegations along as true without collecting enough evidence to substantiate the claims that votes were systematically changed by voting machines run by Dominion and Smartmatic thereby putting their personal and professional reputations on the line.


Because if that’s what you’re saying, then there idiots who deserve what they get.

You really don’t understand how evidence works, do you? They ASKED to have a forensic expert examine the machines in question and were DENIED for over a month! It’s quite possible that those responsible had those machines changed and if they did it, there’s likely no trace of it having been done. When they examined one of those same machines in Michigan, it showed MULTIPLE errors and your friends pooh-poohed it as if it doesn’t matter that only ONE such machine was examined.

If all of that is true, then why did they make claims that votes were changed? I mean, if they never got access and they have no fact based witnesses that are willing to testified to have participated in such a scheme, then it sounds like they lied about votes having been changed.

So were back to they lied. It’s that simple. Either they had evidence or they don’t.

Having said that…Let’s address a few of these comments.

Because something is possible doesn’t mean it happened.

Acctually, there most likely would be a trace.

I suspect these machines probably work on some form of open-source Linux. It’s also possible they use Java, but that’s very unlikely.

That said, any OS will have a log history of the changes that have been made, even if the change was to say, wipe records and instances of a piece of software.

Chances are there is a procedure to what happens to all of the hardware both before and after an election. in order to cheat, you’d need to have access to change that procedure.

Let’s not forget that the source code is also recorded somewhere. For something like election software, it would be kept securely and only a handful of people would have access. Powell would have to power to subpoena devices and people and do an investigation to uncover real facts.

As a former investigator, you ought to know this. It’s not that easy to change election software on the scale claimed. It would take a conspiracy, opportunity, and access not to mention knowledge. It would be easy to widdle this down to just a few people.

So no, it wouldn’t be that easy if you were facing knowledgeable investigators, especially if you already had some evidence of these things having taken place.

It’s all BS and your hand waving is little more than having to deal with the cognitive dissonance that comes to having to admit you’re wrong because if you were right, a good team of lawyers and investigators could prove what has been alleged.

Nope. BTW, it IS all true. They knew about it because they have well over 100 sworn affidavits that it happened, some of them from witnesses to what was happening with the machines. Did you see the video of them testing one of the Dominion machines? They had 10 people vote “yes” or “no” to a generic question…5 “yes” and 5 “no”. When they asked the Dominion machine to print out the results of the vote, 9 came back as “no” votes and 1 as a “yes” vote. I watched that happen live. You’re going to counter with “What about the hand-counts afterwards?” and I’m going to remind you that it took 5 WEEKS for Georgia to agree to a hand-count…plenty of time to futz the ballots.

ONLY if allowed to conduct forensic analyses of the questionable machines, CSB, which they’ve consistently been denied in 3 of the 4 suspect areas. Talk about “cognitive dissonance.”

You of all people must know that a statement isn’t true simply because someone swears to it. Then figure out of the 100 statements given, how many actually swear to have seen fraud taking place? Many of the statements say things that are true, but in themselves are evidence of nothing.

For example, I could be seen by my neighbor walking past a car that at some point in the same night was burglarized. If my neighbor swore that she saw me on the same night of the burglary, that would do nothing to prove I was the burglar. Most if not all of the 100 sworn statements are of this kind.

That said, everything I said was true. Powell should take this opportunity to bring those 100 people and their statements to the court and offer their evidence and prove they didn’t engage in libel or slander.

Again, I would have thought you’d be ecstatic over these suits as it gives Powell the opportunity to show the evidence they have.

Because they failed to provide evidence that a forensic analysis was necessary with any reliable evidence.

If they are being sued for libel and slander they would undoubtedly get access to the records they want or they win on the grounds that they couldn’t secure the evidence needed to prove their case.

No, but it WOULD be evidence that you COULD have been the burglar…especially if you’d claimed that you were nowhere near that car on that night. You have no possible way of knowing that “most if not all of the 100 sworn statements are of this kind.” I won’t accuse you of LYING, but of simply being ignorant.

A better question would be for someone (anyone) to ask WHY have they been denied access to the questionable machines rather than to simply claim that they “failed to provide evidence” that they needed to. You, nor anyone else have ever bothered to ask that question. Why? Are you afraid that they MIGHT prove the election was as phony as “I did not have sex…?”