Domino's trials pizza delivery by robot


Robots have changed our lives in many ways, from advancing our healthcare and automating our factory lines, to taking on dangerous tasks and even taking our place in warfare.

Now Domino’s have developed possibly the greatest use for robots yet - safe and secure pizza delivery in what the company claims is a world first.

The company is testing pizza delivery by robot in New Zealand, known as the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU). The three-foot tall battery-powered unit contains a heated compartment for storing up to 10 pizzas, and is capable of self-driving up to 12.5 miles, or 20 km from a shop.

Domino’s trials pizza delivery by robot*

I’m afraid of what happens when this robot stumbles into a bad neighborhood. A human gets mugged. This little guy might get stripped for parts.


Mount a machine gun for defense? To protect the pizza of course.


Hah. I suppose you would receive a healthy tip everytime this way.


There was some sort of talk show the other day talking about this. The host said the pizza place would give you a code in order to get the pizza out of the robot. I think of the logistics of having robots running around and the problems it will cause.


Plus transportation. Is it only going to be local delivery? Almost certainly there will be lawsuits if it runs over a stroller or some trumped up accusation. Furthermore of course, such an expensive piece of equipment will surely be the target of vandalism and damage. Probably outweighs the labour cost savings.


It cannot suffer any vandalism a human driver would not same as with traffic incidents. I am all for automation o long as it increases efficiency. I have automated much of my job so that I can do more in my job.


Just don’t tell anyone you’ve automated your job. :whistle:


My boss already knows as I needed her approval to make the changes to the system. Thankfully I am the only one who knows how to maintain it and make changes. :wink: Not many people(if any) out there willing to do what I do for my pay.



I predict that within 1 week (at the most) every one of these things will be scrawled with graffiti…like the subways.