Domodedovo airport (Moscow) suicide bombing


Moscow blast at Domodedovo airport: The search begins for who’s responsible -

Experts say the explosion, which killed at least 35, will likely be traced to Russia’s volatile north Caucasus region [the homeland of jihadist separatist terrorists], where political murders, bombings, and kidnappings occur almost daily.

A huge blast, reportedly triggered by a suicide bomber, hit Moscow’s busiest airport Monday afternoon, killing at least 35 people and injuring over 130.

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A Russian source already says that a Chechen trace has been found. The Federal Security Service was apparently aware of possible attacks but was searching for the terrorists in Zelenograd due to faulty information.

RIP to the dead, a quick recovery to the injured, death to the separatists.


I don’t know why the media is so politically correct over mentioning Islamic jihadists since that’s what they are. I don’t think Russia is going to be as nice to these Islamists as the US or Western European countries would be.

Prayers go out to the victims and their families.


I need to work on my own attitude on this. It’s too easy for me not to give it a lot of thought because it seems so remote to me, and the victims and families deserve better than that, I think.


The Russian president has promised recriminations and hopefully he will execute these animals on the spot.


Oh, there will be. I hope they send in the heavy equipment, since pictures of people getting killed in war gets views.


I would like someone outside the KG- I mean FSB to do an investigation.


I thought I posted something similar to Candy’s comment all ready, bit since I don’t see it here :yeahthat:


Chechenya is almost certainly behind this attack…

RIP to the victims…