Don’t Be a “But..” About Self-Defense


I wonder if any of you are like me in that I get so tired of these people who say “I own a gun but we need ….etc.” when we see them in short news clips or read about them in the printed media. So this morning when I spotted a lead to this opinion column I followed it ::

Don’t Be a “But…” About Self-Defense
By Cheryl Todd
January 20, 2016
Posted on Slowfacts Wordpress

Quoting from the column–

What these phrases boil down to is “I own a gun, but I think we need more laws to restrict our rights to own guns.” Safe and responsible gun owners are not **“Buts…” ** Safe and responsible gun owners are educated and informed. They know what laws are already on the books. They know what the Constitution says. They also know their rights.
“I am a gun-owner AND I will protect and defend my rights from being eroded away by politicians and the uninformed.”

I actually wonder just how many of those who are the subject of this column really do own a firearm and if they do how much do they practice with it. Please note that the photo of Whoopie Goldberg shows her with her finger on the trigger of a handgun that is obviously not pointed down range.


I practice less than I used to with the current high ammunition costs. I only carry when traveling or hiking with my dogs. At least at the level of the states we are seeing some of the ridiculous unconstitutional old anti-gun and anti-knife laws going away. We still have them in my state but they are low level misdemeanours. I got cold shivers down my back today when I heard Hillary say that she thought appointing Obama to the Supreme Court would be a great idea.


I’m a very prolific owner. :wink: