Donald J Trump Apparel Line Is Made In Mexico…


My understanding is clothing manufacturing has left the U.S. a long time ago and all this is just another red herring to smear Trump. He is doing nothing out of the ordinary


It is rather old news, Sam. It’s fine by me that they dredge it up, though. Just goes to show Trump’s credentials (lol) when he says he knows what caused manufacturers to leave, and what it’d take to bring them back.

Oopsie! Looks like somebody just stepped right in it again!


No, it is NOT a red herring. Here is why:

Donald Trump Says He Won’t Eat Oreos If They’re Made In Mexico

Donald Trump Renews Criticism of Ford At Michigan Rally Monday - Fortune

Trump bashes other companies for producing otherseas, even though he does the same.

The great warrior of American manufacturing is in fact a massive hypocrite, but his supporters will believe anything he says.


Point taken. You’re right. I’d forgotten his tearing up on Ford - for attempting to do what he’s been doing.

But, fwiw, (for the zillionth time), I’m not a “Trump FOR PRESIDENT” supporter. Nor do I believe anything he says. I do, however, admire a great deal of what he has done.

Or am I supposed to be one these non-existent “purists” that people keep accusing people who don’t exist of?


There is no question Donald Trump is a good businessman. He is a great entertainer. I just don’t want him anywhere close to the White House.

When Donald Trump first announced his run, I liked him. I had liked his show. I liked his lack of political correctness. But I found out that he would change his political positions to suit his audience. He has done that not just over the past 15 years, but over the past few months. In my opinion, that is dishonest. One thing is clear: Trump is no ideologue. He has no drive to shrink government, has no concept of conservative/libertarian thought.

Trump’s political incorrectness is really just rudeness. When he went on rants against Rosie O’Donnell years ago I thought it was funny, but going on similar rants in the political world it showed a lack of seriousness and professionalism. I mean, he wants to be president, but he acts like a little kid. He lies to Christians about being a Christian and no one bats an eye. His supporters have found ways to defend the undefendable time after time.

I don’t see this election as a game or a show. This is very serious. And I have little patience for an unprincipled, unserious self-promoter. I know I probably come off badly, but I am angry. The answer to establishment oligarchy is not mindless populism.

If I were you, I would want to be a purist, because that means you stand for something substantive.


I notice that the Anti Trump republicans seem to fail to acknowledge that their RINO candidate have done the same thing they accuse Trump of doing and figure people are so stupid they do not see what hypocrites they are for the allegations. Never mind my guy does it look how evil the other guy is for doing it.


He’s rich enough to pay Americans to make his clothing. He can commission it directly. Failure to do so is the same as sending jobs overseas – or across the border. He could have paid an American, but he chose not to presumably in favor of convenience and price, the same reason the rest of us do the same.

I personally don’t care where he buys his clothes, but he seems overly concerned about where you and I buy our stuff – like many voters. I’ll grant that those voters may not really have any option but to buy foreign, but Trump is more than rich enough to have that option. That’s what makes him a hypocrite.