Donald Trump Gains the Support of a Former 'Never Trump' Billionaire


Donald Trump is reportedly about to receive two of his largest donations to date.
The support is coming from billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam, and TD Ameritrade AMTD -0.72% founder Joe Ricketts. This comes as Hillary Clinton continues to pull in incredible fundraising numbers. Though Trump has seen an impressive amount of support from small donors, he still lags behind his opponent in that regard.
Supporting Trump is a big turnaround for Ricketts. He had previously supported Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s campaign to the tune of millions of dollars. He and his wife were even part of the “Never Trump” movement, donating $6 million to an anti-Trump super PAC. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that he plans to donate around $1 million to a pro-Trump group.
Adelson had previously said that he would donate $100 million to support the Republican nominee, but he has since pulled back. CNN reports that he and his wife plan to spend a total of $45 million to help Republican campaigns, with about $5 million going towards Trump. Though that number is far off from his original pledge, it would still make him the largest donor of this election cycle.

Donald Trump Gets Donations from Sheldon Adelson, Joe Ricketts


So he gives $6 million to an anti-Trump campaign and tosses him a $1 million bone to make amends? Sounds like he is hedging his bets.

Trump should have stuck to his economic message, the most recent one which was probably shaped with the help of Pence. His foray into the unconstitutional and violation of International law is just ill founded and reaches to voters worst impulses. I, like anyone, want to see the book thrown at any dirty coward who wants to harm innocent citizens, but his quick eagerness to suspend their rights is extreme on the surface. Especially; and this is important, since the FBI has the tools to suspend the rights of enemy combatants already to some degree, which doesn’t even require the reading of Miranda Rights if I am correct.