Donald Trump gets coveted Vladimir Putin endorsement


“He is a very outstanding man, unquestionably talented,” Putin told journalists after his annual press conference in Moscow.
“It’s not up to us to judge his virtue, that is up to US voters, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race,” Putin added.
Putin said Russia is ready to work with the United States no matter who is elected president next year. “We are ready to work with any president chosen by the American people.”

Donald Trump gets coveted Vladimir Putin endorsement « Hot Air

Maybe Putin wants a man he can trust and shows signs of leadership.


So you’re for Putin’s guy, sam?


Putin endorsing Trump provides for me about the same level of comfort as Obama’s endorsement provided me with the Affordable Care Act.


I look at it this way. While Putin is on the other side of the fence, he does have the interest of his country in mind unlike obama. Yes he is unfriendly but unlike obama he will not try to play games like obama does. Trump so far is ahead because he does know how to deal unlike our child president who works against the very interests of our nation and the world.

Can you see Putin revealing assets of his allies or military capabilities? People may not like the man but as for character his is better than our child president.

Would Trump make a good president? I can not really say and the odds are congress critters would pull the same stuff they pulled on Jesse Ventura when he was governor. If Trump is to be believed he will reverse the rush to undermine the nation both militarily and economically.

What do we have now? Our privacy is a joke, our military is becoming a joke, our economy is sinking in the molasses of a third world nation, we are importing people wholesale which will further strain the economy as well as step up terrorism.

Our values are under attack. Drug use is up and states are feeling the repercussions of allowing so called medical uses. More people are being exposed to HIV through the increased efforts to normalize aberrant behavior.

Congress critters should be truly persecuted for misdeeds rather than slapped on the back and given a pass.

We are fighting a war without decimating the enemy because we do not want to effect the environment no matter how many are killed by enemy combatants . obama is releasing more terrorists to go back to the fight.

So we have Putin who says he endorses Trump because he is an upright man versus the child president that everyone considers a joke and a useful fool.


Sam - Putin endorses Trump for 2 reasons.

First, Putin is looking out for Putin and Russia, as he should.

Second, unlike other Republican candidates, Trump has “distinguished” himself by stating he intends to be friendly toward Putin - in spite of Putin’s ruthless aggression in the Crimea and Ukraine, and playing this country like a fiddle in the Middle East, etc. Putin obviously believes that Trump’s election would assist him in promoting his agenda. Putin understands that an egoist like Trump can’t help but react positively to praise, no matter the source.

Putin is no doubt involuntarily ejaculating in anticipation of Trump’s “friendship”.


So you’re Hillary’s guy?


Apparently Jazz has no respect for character that explains his beliefs. He has more or less said he was voting for Hillary but then I expected him to do so anyway.


Well, it appears that he has been banned. Wonder what he did?


He has been freed of his Earthly shackles, and now can drift along the breeze like a butterfly among the blossoming wild flowers.


Jazz exhibited all liberal views and he reminded me of a poster we had back a few years who also promoted that we elect Rinos but a member then pointed out that this fellow was a democrat who was posing as a republican and had boasted so on other sites. I think the name was versa or something to that effect.


I don’t want to get into the reasons, but this isn’t even remotely close to why.

Don’t think on it too much. I may make an official announcement later, or may not, depending on how the other mods feel about it. For now, just know that he’s no longer here, as y’all have noticed.


It’s surprising that a mind that should be as sharp as yours doesn’t have more political acumen by now.
Putin would obviously far prefer to deal with a person for whom he has respect, rather than somebody whose brain is no sharper than his toe nails.
Putin also stated that he is ready to deal with whomever the American people choose as president. He simply noted that Trump is in the lead, and would gladly deal with him, too. IOW, anybody but the fool he has to deal with now.
Most of us realize Putin is not our ally. However, most of us also realize that he is an intelligent man, and that we’d be best off with a president with whom Putin can actually communicate.

Putin is no doubt involuntarily ejaculating in anticipation of Trump’s “friendship”.

No wonder your political acumen is so low-grade. So is your thinking.


[quote=“2cent, post:12, topic:47980”]
be best off with a president with whom Putin can actually communicate.

[/quote]So true, obama is lost in the woods when it comes to thinking.


I’m thinking Putin hasn’t trounced us yet because it’d just be too darned easy.


Nah; I’d say it’s because Putin knows that Obama is the only thing easy about trouncing America…


obama the military genius. Remember him? The one that had to have someone else make the decision to take out OBL. The one that would have our soldiers use airsoft guns on the enemy.


I don’t think Obozo has anything to do with Military Decisions. Valerie Jarrett won’t let him play with his Army Men.


Oh I believe old muscles probably has trouble being in a room with men stronger than a three year old.