Donald Trump mocks reporter's disability


[QUOTE=Jazzhead;749958][QUOTE=RET423;749956]I always hear people claiming that “They did not know” what a candidate would be like if they won or that “We cannot know” what a particular candidate would be like if they won, what a load.

How can it be possible to “Not know” when the vast majority of candidates reveal their philosophy when they speak and have history of many sources?

Obama has not been a “Surprise”, there is ample evidence to “know” exactly how Trump would approach the Presidency as well. All the unsubstantiated “Bigot” accusations and “Wild Card” claims are just attempts by the Left to scratch out any foothold that Trump might have.

Desperate to stop a candidate that they cannot form a coherent argument against.[/QUOTE]

You’re for Trump, RET, because he gets you what you want - the destruction of the GOP and the elevation of Hillary to the White House. Anyone who listens to you is drinking hemlock.[/QUOTE]

…and those who listen to YOU are insuring another Clinton disaster. As I’ve said, Trump is not my guy, but the more YOU talk about that BS being put out by the RINOs and Democrats, the more inclined I become to vote FOR him.