Donald Trump: President Obama is not a friend to Israel


Donald Trump: President Obama is not a friend to Israel - Hannity 10/01/2012

Meh, I personally don’t care for Israel, I think they’re more a liability on our national security than a beneficial ally. As long as we stop giving foreign aid to them (and their enemies) I could care less what happens to that shithole of a region, but I know some of you Israel-firsters really care about this sort of thing. So what’s your take? Is Obama a “friend of Israel” or not?


YOu setup your question with such a presumptive, negative point of view.

I’m not sure who you refer to as an Israel first person…
I’m not Israel first, but I do recognize they are our only true ally in the Middle East. I feel they need to be supported so long as they aren’t acting like some evil despot run nation, like every single one of their surrounding neighbors. I don’t mind helping them out. I do have a problem with sending money/arms/aid to their enemies. I think we should support any effort in defense, or retaliation that Israel does. Example, Hezbollah launches an attack from Gaza, we should support the retaliation effort. If Syrians launch a strike on Israel, we should support the counter strike.

I think Obamama would rather we be Israel’s enemy than friend.


Don’t have anything to add to Stang’s comment. Just here to support it.

I watched the interview Hannity had w/Trump last night. Interesting. I enjoyed it.