Donald Trump Threatens Legal Action Over Charge Against Campaign Manager


Donald Trump says he is considering legal action in response to a recent
battery charge against campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“Frankly, this is not a claim that should have been made,” Trump told ABC News’ David Muir on “Good Morning America” this morning.

Lewandowski was arrested on Tuesday morning for allegedly grabbing former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields following a Trump event earlier this month. Trump dismissed the incident as “very minor,” saying that “practically nothing happened.”

“I’m sure there will be a counter-claim coming down the line,” Trump added. “Should I file charges against her because she touched my arm as well?”

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Apparently the woman who accused Trump’s man has a history of making claims like this against people. It is looking like she starts something and if it does not go her way she claims abuse.


I’ve seen the video. She was grabbed by the arm and jerked back away from Trump. Sorry, but that’s battery. Touching Trump’s sleeve isn’t!


[quote=“Pappadave, post:2, topic:48540”]
I’ve seen the video. She was grabbed by the arm and jerked back away from Trump. Sorry, but that’s battery. Touching Trump’s sleeve isn’t!
[/quote]The 1fps one where literally nothing is clear due to frame skips?
How about one right on top of the event with decent frame rate

Despite the fact that this is also a public video, media never shows this one. Because it’s clear that there was nothing to it.


I don’t like Trump either, but to me this was an exaggeration. Her bf came on CNN a month ago and stated that she was “thrown to the ground”, this was before there was video evidence available. Clearly this was not the case, nor was she “almost” thrown to the ground. His campaign manager can be engaged in double duty as he had police training courses and I don’t think he was doing anything but preventing her from harassing/assaulting his candidate. Anyone has a right to go about their business without excessive intrusion, I saw the same things happen to Rob Ford a few years ago and it was a disgrace to watch.

This wont hurt Trump. The comments about abortion, women in general and his lack of clarity on policy and conservative positions will though. He is clearly not fit for office, his demeanour alone is questionable. A former Crown prosecutor was on TV yesterday and, like myself and others, stated he is NOT a supporter of Trump, but that this case wont be tried in court. He stated that it was laughable and that other crown attorneys were laughing with him about this even being a case that lead to charges, especially considering the consequences. if counter suing is in order so be it, I know if I had the resources I would be laying a counter suit in this case, no question.

Furthermore, apparently two secret service agents stated that they warned her twice not to touch Mr. Trump as she was being aggressive. The video clearly shows Trump pulling his arm away in surprise that someone is so close to him. She has also had a similar instance in her history of accusations. She accused a man named Charles Johnson of hacking her computer, he has posted his story online, and according to him, she continued with this false narrative even as the courts told her to stop. This will most certainly be raised by his lawyer in any arguments. If we all want to be stand up people, we cant just pick and choose what is acceptable based on our dislike or like of a candidate, we have to be honest about what is going on here. There is a man who’s career and reputation is in jeopardy because of this allegation.


Oh, in some tweet history:

Michelle Fields &#8207 @MichelleFields · 7 Dec 2015

For those asking…Charles Johnson says it wasn’t him who hacked my email/icloud/etc. We’re looking into what happened.

@MichelleFields Your randomly accusing Charles C. Johnson of hacking your accounts instead of investigating first seems peculiar

As Piers Morgan stated:
If a male reporter tried to claim this was ‘battery’, he’d be rightly mocked.

Many of us don’t like Trump, but these tactics are now focused on ruining a man who was doing his job. Will it be possible for Michelle Fields to even receive journalist credentials in an future elections? Who would want the risk?


Gimme a break. If that was a man, we’d laugh him out of the Media.
So, if your definition is true, She is also guilty of simple battery. She touched him without his permission. Period.
You cannot have it both ways, dave. If she can touch him, and he cannot touch her, something is dead wrong.
Look, we get it. You will use any semblance of error from Trump to try to convince us of what you believe. You do not seem to care how foolish it makes you look. I can admit that Trump isn’t a perfect candidate.
I guess you have no qualms about living under the boot of the eGOP. A vote for Cruz, is a vote for the status quo. I suppose that you’d rather see us further down the crapper, than to vote for someone you obviously do not like.
I don’t like any of them. Trump presents the least objectionable variety of candidate for me. At least, we’ll have a chance to make things better.
What is really funny, is that your need to oppose Trump, will not get Cruz the nomination. He is through. You’ll have Hillary against Jeb, or Ryan, or Romney, etc. All because you have convinced yourself, with no supporting evidence, that Trump is working for the Clintons. Hell, dave, he could buy Hillary, cheap. He isn’t working for her. Wise up.


I am on Trumps side in this case. If that is battery then put me in jail and throw away the key. I have been rougher than that playing with my cousins.


» Reporter explains how Fields violated Secret Services protocol

> The reports coming out — and the video is clear — that Fields closed ground and touched — a total “NO,NO.” She also appeared to have something in her right hand — that is a huge “NO,NO” — she could have been holding a knife or even a sharp ball point pen that could have been used as a weapon.

OK, Cruzbots. What say ye now?


Based on the original video, it appears that the Trump aide grabbed her by the upper arm and JERKED her backwards. She went from nearly touching Trump to 5 feet behind him in an instant. I am NOT one to defend media personalities, but this is pretty rough handling from all appearances. Touching Trump’s sleeve is NOT an assault or a battery. Being jerked backwards like that IS. I really don’t care how this turns out in the end, but the original video supports HER claim of battery–not Trump’s or his aide’s version of the incident. She quite obviously was NOT “thrown to the ground” or even nearly so and I never claimed that was so. What we seem to have here is a divergence of OPINION as to what happened and how violent it was. I don’t like Trump. I never did, even though he’s said some things with which I profoundly agree. I don’t believe he has the least interest in being President. How does a life-long liberal Democrat suddenly become a conservative icon? By using the media to re-define himself. Trump’s good at that. I have to give him credit for savvy use of the media. Trump is a long-time friend and financial supporter of the Clintons. Just WHEN do you think he became their “enemy?” Not so coincidentally, it SEEMS to have happened when Hillary decided she wanted to be President…and he continued to financially support them and their “foundation” for a few years after that.


BULL! She was stopped after having been told TWICE to quit trying to put her hands on Trump. That’s now allowed when it comes to ANY political candidate, that this twit knows that.
Besides which, she claimed having been thrown to the ground.
OOPS TI DOO - SOMEbody - inconveniently for her - had a tape of it.

She also tried to claim that a bruise on her arm was the result of having been grabbed. Only problem is that anybody in the medical field can easily see that the “bruise” she’s donning doesn’t match that of any kind of hand-grab.

Besides which, this nobody woman has a LONG history of pulling stunts like this as a way to get a story because she can’t get them through talent.

I’m not even trying to back Trump up here. He’s practically not even involved in the incident. However, Fields does need to be exposed for the scam artist she’s repeatedly tried to be. She tried this on DiCapprio, and I forget who all else.

She’s also resigned from Breibart. And I hope never has a job in the ‘news’ arena again.


I think the reporter was out of line.
I do agree that she has a case for battery against the guy that grabbed her.

Wrong on both ends.

At the same time, I think she should drop it. If she is going to ask for getting forcibly pulled off, she needs to accept it when she is.


Well, it never seems to fail. Bias driven astigmatism.
Folks, as I posted, and was ignored, what she did is ILLEGAL. Period. Looking at this from the standpoint of a bodyguard, she SHOULD have been thrown to the ground, and handcuffed. In this age of terrorism, candidates with Secret Service protection are prime targets. NO ONE is allowed to approach a protected candidate. Certainly you cannot do it with a sharp object in your hand, and never are you allowed to touch them. These are not simple misdemeanors they are felonies.
I get it. No matter who opposes Trump, the Anti Trumpers will always take their side against him. It does not matter one bit if they were right or wrong. It is obvious that this woman, as 2cent related, has a history of this. She DOES know better. And so do the Anti Trumpers.


Tiny, didn’t mean to ignore your “illegal” comment. Matter of fact, was trying to back it up, as it most definitely is illegal.
And yup, Fields knows that. And yup, she knew it every time she tried these “battery” charges with others to get herself attention. And I should think that anyone paying attention to politics would know that it is a FELONY to attempt to lay your hands on a candidate - esp. w/an object in your hands.
(Was it Squeaky Fromme who near got herself annihilated for an attempt on a candidate? ??? Sorry, foggy memory. IAC, I recall the well-deserved treatment she got. Fields is lucky to have gotten away with a simple pull.)

What’s especially disturbing and disgusting on top of all of this is the 16 feminazi women who try to portray themselves as conservatives asking Trump to FIRE Lewandowski. How disturbed is that?
Here’s the list:

Dana Loesch (Radio America, Blaze TV)
Katie Pavlich, (Townhall, Fox News)
Meghan McCain, (America Now Radio, Cosmopolitan, Fox News)
S.E. Cupp, ( New York Daily News, Glamour, CNN)
Mary Katharine Ham, (CNN, The Federalist)
Christine Rosen, (New Atlantis, Commentary)
Christina Hoff Sommers, (American Enterprise Institute)
Bethany Mandel, (The Federalist, Acculturated)
Emily Zanotti, (American Spectator)
Elisha Krauss, (Ben Shapiro’s radio co-host)
Karol Markowicz, (New York Post)
Kristen Soltis Anderson, (Washington Examiner)
Mona Charen, (Ethics and Public Policy Center, Creators Syndicate)
Sarah Rumpf, (freelance)
Brooke Rogers, (National Review)
Mary Chastain, (Breitbart)

16 Feminists Who Have Taken Over “Conservative” Media

Do these buffoons actually expect to keep an ounce of credibility after first, falling for a hoax, then, second, double-down with defending it?

As a woman, they embarrass me. As a voter, they insult my intelligence.


If Lewandowski hadn’t slowed her down she was probably just a few seconds away from being body slammed by the Secret Service. The media won’t let go of this story, they are all in the anti-Trump tank. Trump has shown true character in not taking the traditional political route: apology and/or firing Lewandowski.


Agreed. And furthermore, I agree. In closing, let me say how much in agreement, I am. :yes:



Another inconvenient FACT: The police would not have placed the guy under arrest WITHOUT evidence CORROBORATING the reporter’s claim of physical contact.

Did she exaggerate the amount/level of contact? Based on the video, it appears she did. HOWEVER there was INTENTIONAL and obviously UNWANTED CONTACT that was INITIATED by Trump’s campaign manager.

How will it end? Probably with a plea deal and a fine imposed on Trump’s guy. HOWEVER, this reporter has apparently lost her job, so she is likely feeling a little vindictive - which is likely why she went to the police and filed a criminal complaint to begin with.

My guess is, these kinds of “brushes” between media types and campaign workers seeking to protect their candidate from the onslaught of reporters happens fairly often.

That said, neither the campaign manager or the reporter handled the situation admirably. This AVOIDABLE mess is just one more item that is costing Trump at the polls - see Wisconsin.


I saw the video. I consider her at fault. I suspect the judge is politically motivated by THE party republicrats/democlicans as well as the police chief who ordered this. I also think it will be dismissed…after the election.

This is not Michelle Fields first trip to the rodeo. She’s pulled this stunt before. One was Di Caprio.


Uh, Squeaky Fromme took a SHOT at Gerald Ford–with a .45, no less! Not exactly a similar situation. That said, I don’t think the woman has an iron-clad case of battery against this guy. If she had, the private citizens that helped tackle John Hinkley could also have been similarly charged.


That’s because the video that the news keeps showing is a 1/2 fps video. Everyone looks like they’re hoping around five feet at a time.
Look at what I posted as the first response to this thread. Does it look like she was pulled back by 5 feet?


Historical note: Squeaky never got a shot off. Her 45 was in condition 3, empty chamber.