Donald Trump Will Hate These Latest Poll Results


It’s official. Donald Trump is no longer the leading candidate in the GOP presidential race.

Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, has pulled ahead of the pack in the [FONT=Miller Display Italic]Wall Street Journal and NBC News’ latest joint poll. Carson scored support from 29% of Republican primary voters, beating Trump’s 23% as well as Marco Rubio’s 11%, Ted Cruz’s 10%, and Jeb Bush’s 8%.

The results mesh with the findings of a New York Timesand CBS News joint poll published last week. That survey showed Carson (at 26%) to have a four-point lead over led Trump (22%), although Carson’s advantage fell within the poll’s six-point margin of error.

Ben Carson Overtakes Donald Trump in WSJ/NBC Poll - Fortune

Also saw a Townhall commisioned poll that had Carson first, Undecided slightly ahead of Trump and Rubio up four from last time and leading all the rest. Also Rubio the debate winner among those who watched.