Donald Trump's bill of health

This is real but so laughable I had to put it here.

Just because you don’t like Trump does that make it laughable?

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Do you really want to throw in with the Trump cult? Members of the Trump cult use the same language.

If you read nothing else, read the last line.

I took some heat for posting a Jimmy Kimmel parody the other day, because we aren’t allowed to watch liberals. However, it was based on real life.

Cult behavior:

Trump Spokesman: I’ve Never Come Across a Situation Where Donald Trump Said Something Inaccurate - Washington Free Beacon

Trump: I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Asked God for Forgiveness

Trump to Jimmy Fallon: I Never Apologize Because I am Never Wrong

Donald Trump says his late uncle, an MIT professor, was proof of family’s smart genes

“It’s in my blood. I’m smart. Great marks. Like really smart.”

Trump: ‘I have a higher IQ than George Will’ | Washington Examiner

I thought it was a bit excessive too. How in Gods name could a doctor even suggest “unequivocally” anything? Is that science? One specimen confirms other unknowns unless his doctor has all of the test results of every president the day they were elected.

Quite frankly this sounds like a press release from Kim Jong Un’s press corps. This one belongs right beside the article about N Korea landing on the sun…

Everything about Trump is over the top. This includes anything that he (or his doctor in this case) says about himself and it also tends to be the case when it comes to his critics. Either way, Trump gets free campaign coverage.


What’s laughable is that he gets a note from his doctor to be President…

I think the whole thing is a playful attempt to make points since Hillary’s own staff say her health is in question and she has problems staying on point. Hint approaching dementia.

One would think that with the baggage that Hillary has the democrats would be pushing more candidates. Face it how can one distinguish themselves from the previous administration when you were up there doing it along with them.

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The secret here is to take a look at WHO Hillary picks as her running mate. THAT’S who the Democrats will be supporting and it will most certainly be someone whose ideology would prevent them from getting the popular vote themselves. Then, when Hillary crashes, they’ll have an otherwise unacceptable ideologue in the White House.

There is already Trump Derangement Syndrome and the first votes have not even been cast in the Primary, I suppose next will be a biting critique on his favorite color.

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I believe there already has been, as his favorite color is most likely green.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome? Naw, just folks fighting back a against demogogue who represents the political suicide of conservatism. Sorry, RET, you’re not the only one who’s spoiling for a fight. My enemies are liberalism, extremism and know-nothingism. Yours are main street Republicans.

Trump’s going down.

BS. YOUR “enemies” are conservatives, as you’ve make perfectly clear on hundreds of occasions right here. You EMBRACE liberalism. First you told us that “your” guy was Chris Christy…until it was pointed out that his chances were nil given his antipathy towards the 2nd Amendment and that he’d actually appointed a Sharia-loving Muslim to the NJ State Supreme Court!

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I’m more of a conservative than you are, Dave. Social conservatives want the government in folks’ bedrooms and demand that the state crush the liberty of folks unlike themselves. What’s wrong with a qualified Muslim serving as a judge? Nothing - unless you’re a social conservative and insist on a religious test (the Constitution be damned).

LOL. Social conservatives don’t have ANY interest in being in folks’ bedrooms. That’s a lie perpetrated by the Democrats since 1964 and it’s just as wrong today as it was back then. Social conservatives don’t CARE what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. We just don’t want it rubbed in our faces and we don’t want it pitched to our kids as “normal” or “natural” and something they should try as if it has no consequences. You are SO predictable these days, Jazzhead and your GLAAD membership is in need of renewal!

They sure as hell do. They’ll even oppose the Constitution itself - and its guarantee of the law’s equal protection - to prevent their neighbors from marrying in a way that conflicts with their view of “God’s law”.

Don’t like gay marriage? Then don’t marry a guy. And keep your religion to yourself.

Where in the Constitution does it approve of “gay marriage?” And DON’T try to further bastardize the 14th Amendment as being applicable here. You and I BOTH know that it was for the purpose of “equalizing” former slaves and didn’t even include WOMEN or Native Americans in its provisions, let alone sexual perverts. Just because a panel of psychologists dominated by gay members removed homosexuality from it’s lexicon of psychoses and neuroses back in the 1970s doesn’t mean they AREN’T psychotic or neurotic characteristics. There is nothing “normal” or “natural” about falling in love with some guy’s hairy butt and nothing you or your LGBT buddies can say that will EVER make it so.

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No one’s asking you to have sex with a guy, Dave. Just don’t insist that the state ignore the Consititution to enforce your morals and pseudo-science babble.

Again, WHERE in the Constitution does it sanction homosexuality? Are you REALLY that ignorant of what the Constitution does and doesn’t say? If so, how on God’s Green Earth did you ever pass the bar?