Donald...Wake UP, you are losing BIG TIME!


In my office I got Fox news on all day, so I listen and its clear you have a problem.

Since the debate you have been so far out of touch that you are QUICKLY becoming a non-enity. So let me give you a couple of hints:

FOCUS on what is important to me and everyone who votes, things like the economy, ME/ISIS, immigration and the stuff the news and front page of our papers is about…NOT your overweight beauty queen and her sex tape or any other of the topics that are babbling on like a fool that are not on anyone’s radar except yours as a result of Hillary.

In case you have not noticed you have become Hillary’s sock puppet, she is in control, you are nothing but on the offense and she is laughing all day. We may call the debate a reasonable close draw, but post debate, every day she puts points on the scoreboard and you lose points by every group of supporters you have.

I can assure you there are a bunch of us who did not support you to begin with and are still reeling from your GOP win. But as you are now the ONLY horse in the race you have my vote. But right now you are unhinged, off the rails and do not even appear to be running against crooked hillary. She maybe sick in the head and body but you seem to have some issues on following the wrong ball, Hillary is more in control of you than you are of yourself.

You have a LOT of surrogates out there propping you up and they seem to be the only ones not talking about some side issue that the idiot Hillary was able to hang on and a week later you are still babbling about it.

RELEASE those damn tax records! She is beating you like a stepchild over them and I and most Americas don’t give a damn about your taxes as long as they are legal and we all know they are.

Also, take the word “I” out of your vocabulary its not about you its about We the People…

Get or you are GONE!


I often thought he was a covert Friend of Bill.

Apparently now he’s proving it. Like Ross Perot, he’s coming too close to winning, and that may not be his plan.


I see him spiraling down hill faster than Suzy Chapstick trying to get away from Jean Claude Killy…


Yes, he may not have wanted to win the first place. If that’s true he has been more duplicitous that I could have imagined. If so, he has no regard for his country.


Trump clearly wants to win. He wouldn’t be getting this worked up if he was phoning it in.

He wants to win. Or maybe even more importantly, he hates losing. He’s not used to it, and clearly doesn’t manage it well.


Of course he manages it well. he’s a businessman. But he likes winning. Who doesn’t.


Maybe Miss Piggie is the issue of most concern to the average American, I don’t know.

You may be more right than you realize. Remember Donald, Bill and Hillary have a history as close friends. Maybe hi is throwing the election. Reminds me of the Black Sox’s level of play in 1919 World Series (link, An Account of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox Scandal and 1921 Trial).


The RINO Republicans in the House and Senate who are saying they can work with Hillary a month before the presidential elections. Those guys don’t seem to like winning.


If you think the last week has been an example of him managing losing well, I’d hate to see what he’s like when he manages it poorly.


Let be honest. We do not want Hillary in the Oval Office. While Trump is a bumbling buffoon he is a better alternative than Hillary(still not voting for him though). Trump does not have what it takes to win a Presidential election. He has gotten as far as he has on luck and people foolish enough to think he stands a chance. IF Trump wins it will be by luck and these same supporters. The man may be a good businesses man but he is no political man.


Its really a question of: How do you want your chit sandwich, White or Whole Wheat?


I would not call Michael Chertoff, former Homeland Security director, Dorothy Rabinowitz or Brett Stephens (sp, may be Stevens) to be a RINO.


Given Hillary’s record, scandals and Obama’s massive fail, this election has always been the Republican nominee’s to win.

It should have been obvious to Republican voters that Trump was an incredibly inept candidate. Not on the issues - On his many personal characteristics. Thin skinned, self aggrandizing, undisciplined, reactionary and often verbally inappropriate, verbally imprecise, relatively inarticulate and unfocused - these are the reasons Trump is losing and for which Trump is singularly responsible.

No one should be surprised that he is struggling mightily, even against the likes of Clinton. Only a candidate with the list of personal shortcomings listed above could be in trouble against a miserable human being like Hillary Clinton.


I recall this same thing said in 2012.

Where Romney was then blamed. And it was said that [Alternative Republican] could have totally beaten Obama in a landslide. [Alternative Republican] was whomever that person voted for in the primary instead of Romney. Be that Santorum, Gingrich or one of the fringe candidates.

All of them would have totally beaten Obama. And anyone other than Trump would have totally beaten Clinton. It’s amazing how unlucky Republican voters are, that they keep nominating the one person who can lose the general.


The Republican party has been as useless as teats on a boar for at least 30 years.


There is one, Huge difference. It is very hard to defeat Incumbent Presidents **unless ** the economy is really bad. The one recent exception to this was George H. W. Bush who seriously damaged his base by raising taxes after he ran on not doing that in 1988.

Obama is a Democrat and African-American. That gave him a huge advantage in two elections.

Perhaps it would be impossible to defeat Obama. He would win a third term this time if he were eligible.


That is a ridiculous over the top statement that could only be made by a far right wing extremist. If you believe that, then you are a far right outlier who can’t function in the modern political climate.


The GOP has controlled the House of Representatives for 18 of the past 22 years.

The GOP has controlled the House of Representatives and the Senate for 16 of the past 22 years.

The GOP has controlled the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House for 8 of the past 22 years.

And today, we are where we are. You can’t blame Barack Obama for the whole pile of crap.
I would have to say that the Republican party has been as useless as teats on a boar for at least 22 years. If qixlqatl is an over the top far right outlier for his 30 year estimate does that make me a center right moderate?


People arwe forgetting that Reagan was really the only conservative Republican to win and other than Goldwater the only conservative Republican to run since Coolidge.And even before Coolidge, Teddy Roosevelt,William McKinley and Abe Lincoln were not particularly conservative. I plead ignorance on Useless Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, Harding and Coolidge on their relative conservatism. I leave out Andy Johnson since he ran as a Democrat on Lincoln’s 1864 unity ticket.

So the GOP is not and has rarely been a “conservative” party.


The nation was not divided “liberal” versus conservative, until Wilson.

The Progressives, who were legitimized by Wilson, had their roots in the French Left. One offshoot; another was Marx’s Communism. But it was brought here, an alien philosophy basically espousing tyranny by the majority.

The sort that Robespierre tried to impose with his Reign of Terror.

Only as the nation reeled from what Wilson wrought, did a resistance formulate. And that resistance, that preservation movement for America as the bastion of INDIVIDUAL liberty, found its home in the Republican Party. The same party that was founded to give individual liberty to those persons held as chattel.

So it wasn’t so far removed. Coolidge was a return to our roots. Hoover was a departure. Eisenhower was essentially a caretaker President. Goldwater was the right man but the wrong time - and up against a corrupt Leftist who had found a way to connect himself in the public mind with the martyred Kennedy.

Nixon was as liberal as Hoover, true. And Ford was a dunderhead. Reagan…our loss was that Reagan was only successful so late in life…how much grief could we have been spared had he won in 1976.

But, no. While few conservatives emerge, it’s more a matter of the Elites and the media putting up obstacles. A rising politician cannot pay his dues and still remain conservative…in such a distorted environment. Even Gingrich has been affected.