Done Nothing But Drive Us Apart’: Former Radical Black Panther Gets Candid On Obama


This was an eye opening interview by a person who I would never have guessed could change as much as he has!
(Yes, I knew about his Panther days … I’m Old!


Sadly, I clicked on the view comments and a great interview somehow turned into Tea Baggers. Bigoted, racist, almost HS grad hillbillies by the posters.
(Had to check to make sure that I wasn’t on the DU


Clarence Mason Weaver was once so filled with hatred towards white people in America, that he broke up with a girlfriend who had a white dog, the now-conservative told The Daily Caller New Foundation in this exclusive video interview.

As for how to change other people’s minds, he warns, “some have a vested interest in staying stupid.” Those who won’t hear or listen “have the right to be stupid.”

Clarence Mason Weaver Explains His Views On Race Relations | The Daily Caller


Those comments are the usual work to diminish the article’s point. Liberals do not want to hear or read about ideas other than their own.


In BHO’s worldview, worthwhile change only comes throguh conflict. So of course he’s going to stir up @#$%. And if the conflict happens to be violent, ah, well, omelettes and eggs; exploiting the breaking of eggs is essential to making the omelette.