Double taxation?


I wrote this: “The point: At some level you cross the threshold of chasing another buck and working at making your life a bit better and avoiding taxes to thinking and acting more like a govt entity than and individual. G Soros is a great example. He is currently down here in Texas spending money like crazy to change our political landscape from a RED state to Blue. From what I gather he is willing to spend over $100M to do it.”

While I FULLY agree on your comment and the people I have known (personally) in my life that fell into the Forbes level wealth when they did stop chasing the BUCK, the switched to…as you stated! Today we are seeing wealth far beyond anything that was imagined only a few years ago. Kids who have gained wealth of over $50B, and a few out there that maybe worth near $100B.

We already have a Soros who moves and controls countries economies and he and make or break. Do we REALLY want a class of people so wealthy they can BUY the WH? It is estimated it takes $1 Billion to mount and win a national POTUS effort. ONLY $1B, we got folks out there that have more than that in walking around money.

What I am saying is there are going to be more Soros out there…and here is a shot of REALITY OD. Soros and his ilk (he is not alone) only have to move alter the outcome of ONE SINGLE STATE IN THE US to take control of America…TEXAS! Dwell on that a bit, ONE STATE and they OWN America. If you think Obama was a dictator in disguise give total control by $$$$ spent in only one state and they own the WH as far as the eye can see.

Now toss ZuckeMan into the mix and his already on the ground efforts for POTUS, he has hired a whole staff that came from Obama’s election efforts, and he has gone public with his plan to give everyone a income whether they work or not, in fact the intention is they don’t work. NOT all Capitalists are conservative, in fact the top half of the Forbes 400 are a bunch of left leaning and extreme kids…

Already Facebook and Twitter control the narrative on their media

USING Google as the search engine, Google THIS: American inventors