Dozens of College Students ‘in fear’ After ‘Trump 2016’ Chalked Across Campus


I’ll be darned if I see what it is that the students noted in the accompanying article are afraid of. Perhaps political campaign signs of an opposing viewpoint need to be banned or something because they spook liberal arts kids. Or maybe some students need to go home and hide under their beds until they grow up.

“My reaction to the chalking was one of fear,” says one frightened student

** Dozens of College Students ‘in fear’ After ‘Trump 2016’ Chalked Across Campus**
Adan Salazar
March 23, 2016


A lot of people grow up around men who are so castrated, that they literally fear Trump. He reminds them of the big scary man who plays football or lifts.

I’ve noticed that every single guy who expresses something on the order of “scared” or “terrified” etc, on the prospect of Trump, is invariably an androgenous manlet, like David Brooks. If you see a guy and think “I bet Beyonce could beat him up in a fight”, you have a dude who’s probably afraid of Trump.

Note: This is regarding the gut wrenching fear. Lots of reasons to oppose Trump, but men who express *anxiety *over the prospect are always wusses. And the women who do the same, are usually surrounded by men like that.


Why they fear him is up for debate, but what’s not, is that Trump has a Millennial problem.