Dr Benjamin Carson


I have not seen the whole speech given at the Prayer Breakfast by Dr Ben Carson, But what I did hear and what he had to say on Hannity tonight and his complete reliance on God for his guidance WOW!!! that is all I can say. He literally put King Obama in his place SHAMED him with facts, clarity of point, and complete honesty. I believe Hannity has put the speech on his blog, I would recommend you folks watch it.


It was refreshing to see somebody give a speech like he did at an event WITH OBAMA PRESENT. He said he was just using logic and facts and didn’t care who was in the audience. You have to respect that.



Thank you for posting that video, Bf 88. Wish extra half hours could be found using Internet search engines. Carson’s Wikipedia bio captures at least some of the substance of a very impressive man.


What is of interest here is the low response this video has gotten. As one watches this video, and thank you BF88 for posting this, notice how little reaction King Obama shows. no clapping, no smiling or acknowledgment to the text as spoken. This was very much a verbal smack at the Obama idiocy.
I notice, NOT one of the mainstream media has even alluded to it.
I notice darn few here have remarked on it.