Dr Fauci, pick a side or shut the H up

the guy is full of BS. power hungry. sure he is. It’s his way or the highway.

The man is feeling his oats because he has become “go to” expert. Anyone can become susceptible to this if you come to be a celebrity during your “15 minutes of fame.” In this role he feels obligated to tell interviewers on the left and right what they would like to hear at times. To his credit, he has admitted that he does not know everything about the economy, all the ramifications of shutting it down, how it works and how to get it up and running again.

Back in the old “more normal times,” the news media would be looking for information and not “gotcha, let’s screw Trump” answers. But times are not normal, and any device the media can use to discredit Trump is fair game. This is their objective even if it hurts the country and the American people for whom they claim to have sympathy. Discrediting Trump is the news media’s #1 priority. Everything else is secondary.