Dr. James Dobson says Trump is a Christian


Dr. James Dobson: Donald Trump Has Accepted Christ ? Charisma News
I personally found this very interesting and I thought you guys would, too…


I think he is, but I will tell you what he is not…a MUSLIM, he don’t pray to Meca and right now that is good enough for me…


I’ll believe he said it when I hear it from Dr. Dobson’s mouth. Until then, I’m from Missouri on this one.


why not? Why can’t he have accepted Christ. Perhaps he never understood what the deal is.


James Dobson is not the determiner.

Someone else is.

Whether he goes to church or not, and professes or not…I DO know the nation has seen him commit public slander and then destroy a man’s good name with false, unproven accusations. What does the Bible say about Bearing False Witness?

I know his life history, and removing the glitter makes it not-very-pretty. Essentially he was a legal front and a glorified bagman for Tammany interests. He took it national as his name came to be known.

It’s not hard to make an Arty Deal when the Deal is wrapped in hundred-dollar bills. The only Art Trump knows is the art of Payola.


apparently you know stories that the rest of us don’t. Would you elaborate?


I only know that nowhere is the Way to Heaven through James Dobson.

What do I know about Trump? He can’t lay bricks. He can’t design buildings. He can’t litigate anything. If he wants something done, he calls a CONTRACTOR.

…or is it that the contractor, the REAL developer, calls HIM?

NOTHING happens in New York City without the Democrat Machine getting oiled. And they’re as clannish as they’re crooked - they trust nobody; and there’s always stings to get fodder for show-trials. So Hackjob Realty Development of Pasadena, Texas, has customers who want an office tower. In Manhattan.

Harry Hackjob doesn’t know who to call - for legitimate permits or for greasing the skids. If he tries to do it through channels, Tammany Hall, the Democrat Machine, will throw up roadblock after roadblock.

If Hackjob tries payola, odds are as likely as not that he’ll wind up passing the bribes to a Feeb snitch - and down goes Harry, his business, his opportunity, the rest of his life.

This is where men like Trump come in. In legal cases they’re called “Fixers.” I guess in big-money development they’re called “Developers.” What they are is BAGMEN.

That’s what I know. I know something about New York - State and City. Not much, but in broad strokes. NOTHING gets done without graft. Because that’s the way Democrats roll.


Im not so sure Dobson should have made this as public as he did. That should be up to Donald, not Dobson to make something so personal public. That being said, it will be interesting to see what the media does with it. Will we see a ‘new’ Donald with a ‘new’ character. Im pretty embarrassed with the old one.


OK, based on what I’ve seen of Trump, I wouldn’t think he was a Christian. But when did he become a Christian? Is he a brand new Christian, not have had a chance to let the change be seen? Instead of jumping on it as a lie, why not wait, and find out. Oh, of course, I don’t believe that Dr. Dobson lied; if he said Trump was a Christian, he truly believes it. But Trump himself needs to show that he is. And we should not expect him to be an adult Christian the moment he becomes a Christian.


broad strokes. generalizations. You don’t like him. I get that. It’s trump or Hillary.


The alleged quote by Dr. Dobson fails to even specify a date… hmmmmm…


I don’t like him.

But my dislike is irrelevant. The reasons WHY I dislike him are, or rather were, worth considering.

I watch the man and I see someone enamoured of himself; as in love with his reflection as Narcissus. And not overly bright.

He’s a blowhard and braggart; and he’s making mistakes in terms of who to put trust in, and what to say and to whom.

People like that tend not to be serious businessmen. REAL developers or businessmen tend to not flap their gums - there’s no percentage in it. When a man’s life work speaks volumes, the man himself stands quietly beside it.

When a man is unsure or has a dubious record, that’s when he gets out the bullhorn.

We know that Trump participated in graft because he himself has admitted so. Beyond his admission, it’s common knowledge that that’s how business is DONE in Democrat sewers. Since Trump employs no architects, land surveyors, construction teams or even realty companies…all that’s LEFT…is PAYOLA.

I work for a REAL land developer - who made his money by actually building things; and in the process learned about buying/selling heavy equipment and complying with environmental standards and yes, even interfacing with government. Which out here in Montana is relatively small and relatively honest.

Click here to see how a truly successful developer grows his business

I’m not hyping anything - just that that’s the difference between real developers, including one who wound up owning the small railroad I work for, and “developers” who are Tammany bagmen. I think Trump is full of what makes the grass green - so full of it I can smell the stench from Manhattan out to here.


I’ve since seen a reference to it elsewhere, although I don’t know the pedigree of the source. According to it, Dobson referred to him as a baby Christian.