Dr. Thomas Sowell's take on the last 100 years


One of my favorite authors has again written a very clear, concise article on the reality of the last 100 years.

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Iran is more dangerous than hitler? Okay.


I did not realize Sowell was a establisment guy he seemed more reasonable than that. Iran has not attack another country in over two hundred years.

United States has put troops into the following countries or had conflicts with,
Southern confederate states
Iraq 2
Drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya


I mean seriously…

Iran has attacked Zero countries in 200 years…

But the United has had a conflict or invaded how many countries?


Yeah, because the hostage crisis in '79 didn’t happen, and of course Iran isn’t supporting Hezbollah…


1953 Iranian coup d’état - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Learn something and stop being so ignorant.


Oh and taking hostages against the country that overthrew their elected leader is hardly attacking a country. That is a strawman. Learn to reason while you are at.


Iran has not attack another country in over two hundred years.

Someone does not have to hit me, for me to know they are dangerous.


Because wikipedia is so unbiased and because the Iranian Revolution in any way excused the hostage crisis… And you didn’t even address Iran supplying Hezbollah. So are you ignorant about that after accusing me, or dishonestly evading? Because I can’t see a third alternative.


Doesn’t excuse the hostage crises but the crises *was *a result of the revolution and the revolution *was *by and large caused by dislike for the absolute monarch we helped put into power. Just because the Islamic gov’t that replaced the Shah is no better doesn’t mean the Shah was a good person…the coup of '53 also gave the post-revolutionary rulers an easy excuse to distract their own people while they consolidated power.

That said the Iran is hardly a bigger threat than Hitler, Iran cannot seriously contend with U.S. military or economic power (Google Iranian inflation), they could potentially hit a U.S. base, or Israel, but it would be utterly suicidal.


From Dr. Sowell’s article:

No one can know with certainty why Obama has chosen the path he has chosen. But what seems much more certain is that a nuclear Iran – the world’s foremost terrorist nation – is a danger that dwarfs the danger from Kaiser Wilhelm II in the First World War or Adolf Hitler in the Second World War.

It took only two nuclear bombs to force Japan to surrender, and the Japanese in 1945 were a lot tougher than Americans are in 2013. It may seem to be unthinkable that the United States would ever surrender, but we have not yet seen New York and/or Los Angeles in radioactive ruins. If fanatics are willing to die in a nuclear war but we are not, what is left except surrender?

Iran is arming proxies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza. If Iran had the nukes it is working hard to create? And if Iran got several into ports like Tel Aviv-Jaffa, London, Mumbai, NYC, LA, Hong Kong, etc.?


They won’t use a nuclear weapon.


You can bet your life on that if you like; I won’t.


The crazy and maniacal tyrants that rule Iran will use it when they get what they believe to be the right chance.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:13, topic:39528”]
The crazy and maniacal tyrants that rule Iran will use it when they get what they believe to be the right chance.
[/quote]Or they’ll supply those who will use it.


:yeahthat: What FC, ConLib and Tiny said! :yeahthat:

BOP, the leaders of Israel - who would be Iran’s first target - aren’t stupid enough to trust Iran for a femtosecond. I hope the current US Administration is also not that stupid. As for India, did you not figure out - remember - why, of so many major cities in India, I chose to mention Mumbai (instead of Chennai/Madras or Kolkata/Calcutta)?

Gamble with your life if you like, BOP. Go to Iran and proclaim you’re an American. See what, if anything, happens. But I hope the government of the US is not foolish and stupid enough to gamble with the lives of millions of Americans!


I doubt if the U.S. would do that, but I have NO DOUBT that BO would as he did with Benghazi.


Okay buddy


But you will bet the lives of American and Israel soldiers that they will? How does this make any type of sense?


Maybe because Iran said they will. Maybe because they’ve been supplying one of Israel’s enemies (after Israel illadvisedly helped them during the Iran/Iraq war of the '80s). Maybe because they’ve been on insisting on pursuing their nuclear program “for peaceful purposes” when they’re sitting on a crapload of oil.


His point was that you’re cowering behind others to die for you because you think your life is under threat.

You’re third point in your post is quite moronic don’t you think? God forbid that a country wants to diversify their energy sector, like say… The US