Dream Journal Thread

After discussing dreams in another thread, some members asked that I sticky one. Well I went a step further, I added a category to personal blogs called dream journal. You are free to post here or there or in both.

I added mine so you guys can see.

TO’s first dream post.

Yay! I will be posting bright and early tomorrow. Plus I will also keep a log on my blog.

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Funny thing, because just last night I had a (semi) lucid dream in which I did that Superman thing to get away from trouble. Went up to SR-71 altitude, although it didn’t feel very real at that point.

Last night I had a dream that I was trying to sleep, and Clint Black was trying to talk to me through a door. I yelled at him, “leave me alone son, Im trying to get some sleep”! I havent listen or heard anything about Clint Black in over a decade. I woke up laughing again.

Most of my dream last night is hazy but what I do remember is that I was at my grandmothers on the computer looking up the new pokemon games coming out. Then i was on some sort of motor vehicle following two other people in cars down a road. Then my grandmother was yelling at me for not cleaning up some brush that I was supposed to do. All of this happened near or at my grandparents house. Very weird dream.

Okay, the weirdest thing about this dream was that I wasn’t actually a character. I was just watching. But it was a really vivid dream.

It took place in this giant ampitheater that reminded me of the Colosseum. Hundreds of stone benches sloped in a seashell shape, with the broader end being the higher seats. The benches were filled with families sitting beside large wicker baskets of produce, and down at the bottom (the narrowest part of the seashell) was a stage on which a silver-bearded older guy in a suit was pacing. He was clutching a martini in one hand and idly playing with the microphone with the other. Way on the other side of the theater, in a booth inside the wall that surrounded the ampitheater, sat a panel of grim-looking judges holding number signs.

What happened was this: the bearded man on the stage would call a family surname. A representative of the family would stand up, and a servant would dash up, grab the basket next to them, and take it to the bearded man, who would then examine the produce, weigh it, etc., while keeping up a running stream of commentary like a sports caster: “Look at that color! Look at that form! I haven’t seen a carrot like this since I was a kid!” or “Ooh, this one’s a bit mushy, folks. You know what they say - one rotton apple spoils the barrel. Can he redeem himself? Let’s find out!” The audience cheered and booed at this like it was a pro football game.

After the bearded guy was done examining the crop, everyone would twist around in their seats and look expectantly up at the judges, who would spend a few moments muttering among themselves before each holding up a number which, added together, became the family’s score. I can’t tell you how many times I watched this - it seemed to go on for a very long time - but finally, they came to a family who grew melons.

The family’s representative was a thin middle-aged guy - about 45 or 50 years old, but already with gray hair. The bearded crop-examiner pulled his melons out one by one - they were misshapen and blotchily colored, and the bearded man spent the whole examining period tut-tutting about them, to jeers from the audience. Finally he finished, and everyone looked up at the judges, who spent less than a minute deliberating. The audience groaned as they saw the result: Each judge held up a number between four and six.

The middle-aged melon farmer gave a strangled scream that echoed eerily off the stone walls, then collapsed onto the floor, sobbing. There was dead silence for a moment during which the sobbing grated horribly on my ears - then a murmur of discomfort went up from the audience and a few people surreptitiously tried to scoot away from him, as if worried someone they knew would see them sitting near him.

The bearded examiner looked positively alarmed. He had jumped when the man had screamed and slopped his martini all down his suit; after staring at the stain uncomprehendingly for a few seconds, he tore his gaze away from it and said awkwardly, “Now, now, Colwith…we’ve all had our bad scores…not the end of the world…” He shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably and gazed at the man in a very torn sort of way, as if unsure whether he should go and try to comfort him. “…no need to be upset…you’ll do better next time…”

At this, the man sat up and gave a wild little hiccupping laugh.

“No, no,” he cried, slightly hysterically, "There won’t be a next time - the world is not big enough for substandard melon farmers - "

And he pulled out a little silver gun and shot himself in the head.

And then I woke up.

Sorry, that was really long. But it was a really vivid dream. @_@

My dreams are almost always freaky and stupid.

I don’t remember mine from last night. But, I do remember one, where me and my Whole JROTC Unit were deplyed to Afghanistan.

And like 80% of us died. And it was me and a few of my friends left, but only me and one of my friends who ever able to fight. (The others were severely injured)

So, me and her drove tanks into Taliban controlled buildings, and charged into landmines like 50 times.

I go to her “How are we NOT dead, yet?”

She says “The Re-boot Button”

Me " O_O"

After that she gets blown up, and I get captured, McCain style.

And they started to shoot me in my limbs for Government info, and I’m like “No F*** you”

And then I woke up.

Yea…It was weird.

EDIT : At one point I remember thinking “hm…will I get elected Senator, and run for President twice unsuccessfully?”

Suds: Certainly an unusual dream…:awkward:

JC: That last line added on edit: :coffee_spray:

I know I dreamed fairly vividly last night, but I don’t remember much of it. I do remember dreaming that I woke up, and that I was in my old room with my LED alarm clock (haven’t slept there in years; I sleep on the sofa because it’s a lot firmer than any mattress I’ve seen, and my heart needs it). I dreamed that it was late afternoon or into the evening, and I wondered how I managed to sleep for so long. But looking at the clock showed that it was like 3:00AM, and I was thinking: "Did I just imagine the daylight and seeing the sun in the west?

Here’s a fairly vivid dream that I had several years ago. It had elements of Star Wars and my computer game Yuri’s Revenge. There was some early vagueness about a ship roughly the size of the Millenium Falcon on the ground, but I don’t remember what all was involved with that scene.

What I do remember was that there were two villains: a man and a women. Who they were, I have no idea. Me and some others (again, I have no idea who they were) were fleeing them by car. This is where Yuri’s Revenge comes in. One of the units in the game is a suicide nuclear truck, and this man and woman sent one after us. Thing is, it looked just like it does on my computer monitor- about half an inch long…

Anyway, the nuke truck is after us, and I thought: “Well, I don’t exactly know what’s going on here, but we seem to have a Star Wars theme going here.” So I used the Force to levitate that half-inch nuke truck down the woman’s cleavage…

  1. It was crazy. XD
  2. I know, he even dreams politics…x)
  3. :coffee_spray:

I don’t remember a lot of my dream last night. Well, I remember the first part. My fish was sick, so I took her out of her tank to clean it, but then there was a phone call for me and I set her down and ran out of the room. When I came back, I couldn’t remember where I’d put her. I looked and looked, panicking because I was afraid she’d died, until I saw a tote bag that was flopping. I looked inside and, sure enough, there she was, still alive and struggling like hell. I picked her up and dumped her back into her tank, and she wasn’t sick anymore.

The second part had something to do with backpacks. Don’t know what that was about.

In 2008, I dreamed of marrying Bristol Palin…uh…yea.

Oh, I remember the second part! Something about the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy, Athena…She had an underground theater in a garden and was going to recite or sing a ballad that would impart wisdom to the audience, and I was trying to sneak in and listen to her because I needed advice on picking out a backpack for school. (I stayed up till midnight that night looking at backpacks.) The garden really was lovely. And I think I had a bit of a crush on Athena, too. :embarrese

I’ve had two dreams that perhaps i have had more than once or perhaps they were so vivid i can’t forget them. I can’t remember which. One was getting on some kind of boat like a jungle cruise with my grandmother. It stopped briefly where we were to take on passengers. One of us got on the boat and the other was left behind. I remember being upset. I remember the lush green of the forest.

The second I associate with Texas along the water with wharves all about. It was a theatre, abandoned with a sunken floor with a circular seating area all around…done in dark colors and dark wood. I seemed to believe it was mine and I was glad but it needed dusting and care. I always expect to find it one day.

I had three vivid dreams last night, but can’t remember one of them. One I do remember involved a cousin and a motorcycle with a broken-down transmission in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon, and me wondering a little about how I was going to pay for the repair. The other that I remember was a recurring theme that I’ve had in one form or another from childhood: A violent storm. In this case, a violent thunderstorm, rain coming into the house, me looking for where a window was smashed to let the rain in, finding a couple that were partly open (but undamaged), closing them, and still getting rained on inside…

I had some dream last night that lasted till I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep but it didn’t work.

My dream was sorta like Spirited Away except I wasn’t with family I was with a group of friends going to some movie theater. We got separated and I couldn’t find them then I came across some lady who wanted to kill me. I fought her until she retreated. Then i made my way back to the theater when the people there just started appearing out of thin air. They were transparent and had a weird glow to them. Finally they became solid and sat down in the theater. I spotted my friends but none of them recognized me. No one there knew me except one person. He said he wouldn’t help me or hinder me to help the people remember me. Then there was some guy selling spells and it just so happened they were spells to make people remember so I bought one for $5. The activation word was “advance”.(weird I know) I used it on the first person I knew and they instantly recognized me. She asked me what happened and I told her I had no idea. S I went to the second person I knew and used it on her and she looked at me and kicked me down some stairs. The hurt my back. She asked me what i said and I told her twice and then finally she recognized me and the first person I used the spell on asked her why she kicked me. Then they got into an argument. The dream ended there without me getting to used the spell n my friends. But I liked the dream.

I remember now. The lady I fought was my girlfriend who didn’t remember me and was brainwashed into believing she was a train assassin.(which in fact in the dream she came close to killing me countless times) We fought it out with fists and knives.(yes I fought a girl)She cut me and I cut her. This went on for a good while I would disarm her and she would just pull out another knife. Finally I defeated her and her handler came out and that was the lady I chased away into some woods.

I just woke up, heres my weird dream.

I’m in a class, with my crush, her sister, half of my APUSH class, and my AP Engliish class, and my SEM 2 class. And we all go to lunch, and we eat, and this girl write’s my crushes name on her head, for some reason. And she keeps asking who I like, I ignore her.

So, we get back to APUSH class, and me and this kid fight. I get clocked.

I have an black eye, and everyone’s eating again…except now in my english classroom. And I’m like ugh…what?

This kid brings in cheerios the size of —that’s not important. So, anyways…I eat this french fries, and get hungry, but the girl with my crush’s name on her head, said “Tell me please?”

I tell her. My crush’s sister stares at me. Dream ends.

Had a weird one last night. There were sci-fi elements in it, but the main thing I remember were the bears in the house; one male adult, and two cubs. They were colored like our dog, an Australian Blue Heeler. I coaxed them outside, because I didn’t think it would be a good idea to keep the bears in the house…

I had a dream early this morning and it had something to do with a extremely liberal black woman. She assumed i was a liberal. she was wrong. I can’t remember the rest because my g’babe came into the bedroom excited wanting me to put in her new Barbie princess movie. It took me a good fifteen minutes to recover from the wake up.