Dream Journal Thread

That was very sensible of you, Clammy. x3

If you drink a 5-Hour Energy drink andthen fall asleep two hours later, you will have intense dreams.

Well I had two interesting dreams last night. Well technically three but one tied into another.

My first dream I was at my grandmothers old place before they moved and I die somehow. I ended up flowing don some kind of river with a bunch of other souls and then we came upon some kind of large cavern with what looked like an single angel in the cavern. And then it all turned to hell, literally. But luckily the devil chose me to become one of his servants to torture souls. I would have prefer that becasue what was happening to the souls was quite gruesome. The I was eating something in Hells Kitchen( :rofl: not meaning to copy the show) and some lady came up to me and threaten to take my job and I sent he spiraling down into a lake of fire and one of my coworkers just laughed. That was the end to that dream.

Now my second dream I was back in my old town where I used to live and was visiting with an old friend. Well he decided to get his hair cut so we drove to the hair place. We walked in a lo-and-behold there was one of my friends that I graduated with. Me and her talked for awhile and then one of here friends started hitting on me which was not a bad things but I do have a girlfriend. So we ended up leaving with my friend and the girl that was hitting on me and drove out to a isolated place. as soon s we got out other people started showing up(thank goodness). Then we were in some library and the girl that was hitting on me was very pissed with me at that point. But eventually we made up and then my family arrived at the library(which is kinda weird). I ended up leaving with them.

I hate my dreams they never make any sense. lol

I had several dreams over the last couple of nights that I could remember, but unfortunately, the memory was short for most of them. Last night I remember vaguely dreaming about being back at a country church that we attended when I was in my early teens (I’ve had several in that vein in the last several years), and another where for some reason I decided to evade a guy I know as he was coming into town on motorcycle (I was on foot, but I was also kind of gliding along). He didn’t much resemble the guy that he was supposed to be, either physically or personality-wise. When he was searching for me, he screamed something like: “Where are you, you son of a b----!” He found me, but the dream ended. One that I had last night involved being at school (high school, I think) and doing some science project. I didn’t recognize the place.

Okay, so I’ve had a bunch of dreams lately that I remember and need to write down.

October 1st, I had a very involved dream with imaginary characters. It was in three parts. The first scene was of a bunch of people in a hot tub. There was a dark-skinned couple with a son who looked about 12 or 13 years old. His name was Ritchie. Then there was a white woman and what I assumed to be her three children: a dark-haired young man named John, another 12 or 13-year-old boy with unruly dirty-blond hair named Peter, and an eleven-year-old girl who looked a lot like John, who was called Megan. The boy Peter was the main focus of the story. He had some type of developmental disability or something - probably Asperger’s syndrome - and he acted kind of funny because of it. He was also best friends with Ritchie, but what the family didn’t know was that he, Peter, was gay and had a massive infatuation with Ritchie, though I can’t remember if his feelings were requited.

The conversation in the hot tub started out as talking about Ritchie’s family’s recent trip to Disneyland, or something. The adults and Megan only got halfway through this discussion before Peter and Ritchie started a game that the former took too far. He started by sighing, “I want to go to Disneyland.”
You want to go to Disneyland?” Ritchie repeated, grinning and flicking water at him.
I want to go to Disneyland!” Peter said, a little louder this time, giggling and splashing him back.
It turned into a full on water fight, with each splash coming with a louder declaration of wanting to go to Disneyland. But Ritchie finally stopped and Peter was left screaming with laughter and yelling, “I WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND! I WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!” while making waves that slopped over the side of the tub. His mother managed to grab his arm and spoke to him very firmly while the rest of the people just looked around awkwardly. When she had finished, Peter started to cry, and Ritchie struggled over to his side of the tub to hold him.

The conversation turned to an impending war, and how it would affect the two families. Ritchie’s mother inquired after John, who was the right age to become a soldier, but he had a congenital heart condition and so couldn’t fight. This brought the discussion to how he was doing medically and what would happen to him if war broke out. Peter, who had remained silent during this discussion, looked up excitedly and let out a rapid-fire barrage of inappropriate questions, some of them being, “Who’s going to take care of you? Are you going to die?”
Peter!” cried his mother.
“S’okay,” John mumbled. He just looked slightly humiliated, but as I glanced around the hot tub, I saw that Megan was glaring at her brother with pure, undisguised loathing.

The next part of the dream happened after war had broken out. Ritchie and his family had fled; Peter’s family had been torn into bits. No one seemed to know what happened to John or the mother. Peter was alone, and Megan had stolen John’s sword and gone out to train to be a warrior. This was where I came in.

I found her in some sort of school for martial artists. Her master had just left the room with the instructions to drill a certain move until he got back. The sword she was using to do this, which she had stolen from her brother John, was very unusual. The oaken handle was about twice as long as the blade, and it was straight and cylindrical like a broom handle. The blade itself was rather short and curved tightly. It looked like a cross between a sword and a scythe. The blade’s name was Ichthyus, because it cut through the air like a fish through water. I was carrying a heavy, ancient-looking katana that was the color of the Statue of Liberty.

When she saw me, she stopped her exercises and looked me over suspiciously.

“Your brother sent me,” I told her. “He wanted me to give you this. It’s been in your family for generations.”

She kept staring at me, but this time with fear rather than mistrust.

“He knows you took Ichthyus,” I said. “But he’s not mad at you. You should give it back, now. Come on.”

Her mouth labored like it was having to struggle in order to bring forth audible words.
No,” she said finally. She had obviously meant it to sound defiant, but her voice came out as a frightened squeak.

In response, I turned and looked pointedly at the sword she was holding. Blood was dripping down the
blade. Her eyes followed my gaze and widened in horror; she dropped it like she’d been burned and scrambled backwards, looking horrified.

I calmly walked over and picked it up off the floor. The blood vanished.

“Here,” I said, handing her the heavy katana. She stumbled backwards under its weight. “It’s bad luck to use a stolen sword.”

She struggled to lift the blade. I laughed.

“You’ll grow into it,” I told her. And I left.

This dream, was from the night I told my crush I liked her

I’m like walking in a trance in a black hole. I land in my crush’s house…

Me : wut am i doing here?
Crush’s sister : You’ll see…
Me : …?
My crush : oh gosh! I don’t wanna see him right now! >:(
Me : <_<
Me and her sister argue
Me : Look, It’s obviously NOT gonna work!
Her sister : :frowning: don’t leave, did it one more shot…
Me : fine.
My crush : pretending to sleep
Me : wow. I’m leaving! I start running out of the house
Crush’s friend sees me, blocks my way!
Me : please move girl’s name!
Her friend : Stares at me, and aims low (Perfect shot btw)
Me * Moaning on the floor*
Her friend : stares me, and makes out with me
Me : O_o…?
Her friend runs into house

My crush : …I’m so stupid…

The end.

It was the most random dream ever.

You dream is hilarious JC.

I know, her friend’s pretty cute, so i’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

:rofl: That is the way to look at it.

Though the aim for the jewels, wasn’t necessary…

Indeed. That was a bit excessive. My girlfriend, back when we weren’t a couple, thought it would be funny to grab me but the family jewels during a game of water tag. Lets just say I am luck I was in shallow water. her vision of grab includes squeezing very hard. I’m in pain just thinking about it. :sad:


The third and last part revolved around Peter again.

He was curled up on a street somewhere, his blond hair dirty and matted in his eyes, his face smeared with grime, huddled inside a worn-out old winter parka and shivering violently. He seemed to be trying to sleep, because his winter cap was pulled down over his eyes and he was resting his chin on his chest, but the shivering never stopped, so I assumed he was too cold to sleep.

I watched – I mean, I wasn’t actually in this part of the dream, I was just a floating bodyless entity – like I was watching a movie. Anyway, I watched as a man in a uniform came up and spoke to him softly. Peter slowly looked up and nodded. The man pulled the boy to his feet and helped him into a car.

The next thing I remember is at a carnival. Peter was dressed in clean civilian clothes and was back to his usual excitable self. He was chattering animatedly to the man in the uniform, who was nodding in a sort of way that made it obvious he wished the kid would shut up. I knew he was talking about Ritchie.

The carnival was actually a kind of floating dome hovering above an uninhabited planet. It seemed to have been sponsored by the food industry, because all the rides were themed to different kinds of food processing – like there was one for junk food, meat, etc. Peter was beside himself with excitement. I remembered he had said he wanted to go to Disneyland.

Peter and the man in the uniform went from attraction to attraction, enjoying themselves. The man never actually did anything – he just watched Peter do it. Finally, they seemed to have done everything at the fair. The boy was looking kind of disappointed, but the man in the uniform tapped his nose and winked, and said, “Come on.”

He pulled the boy over to an abandoned corner of the fairground. Trash littered the ground. A metal doorway stood alone and empty in front of the two.
“You ready for a real thrill?” the man asked Peter.
“Not many folks know about this little gem,” he told the boy. “You go on in.”

Peter didn’t need to be asked twice. He raced through the queue and vaulted into the ride.

I’m not exactly sure about the specifics, but somehow this was not a food processing ride – it was actually a food processing plant. Dairy and eggs, to be specific. Peter was terrified. Things prodded and swung at him and he soon realized that this was for real. I could tell he was getting hurt. He screamed and screamed, and I thought he was dead for sure.

But he came out the other side whole. Stark white with terror, but whole. The man laughed and clapped him on the back when he saw him.
“See?” he said. “Told ya it’d be all right. It was a blast, right?”

It only took a couple of minutes for Peter to get over his ordeal and agree wholeheartedly.

But as the two walked back towards the exit, the man pointed towards one more attraction. It was a VR simulator that you wore like a helmet. The man said that he had a special surprise for Peter in that one. Peter, having just had his trust in him renewed, didn’t hesitate in putting on the helmet.

I didn’t know what he saw, but he went stock still, and then began walking as if in a trance toward a service door – the only door that led off the floating dome. He was mumbling to himself. As he approached the door, he hesitated for a moment.

“Ritchie,” he murmured, with a sort of heartbroken longing that made me want to cry. Then he pitched off the dome headfirst and, after falling for what seemed like ages, smashed into the mountains below.

The man smirked to himself in a satisfied sort of way. Looking through the crowd that had gathered around the doorway, I saw the older brother, John, gazing at where his brother had fallen with a sort of sadness – not like he regretted his death, but like he knew it had had to happen and was simply sorry it had to come to this, because it was a bad situation all around.

When I woke up, I was crying. I felt so attached to the characters in this dream.

So…that was the big one…

Then on October 2nd (the next day), I had a dream I already posted part of…I was tromping through the woods with Clammy and Susanna, and we came across this stunted, barren little tree. FC stopped and pulled me over to it and told me that if I held onto its branch, it would give me fruit. So he and I both grabbed a branch and thought of fruit, and all of a sudden the wood swelled into a baseball-sized knob under my fist that quickly became an apple. FC was holding an identical one, and he looked at the both of them and sighed, “Everybody gets the Galileo apples…” And then I was upset because it hadn’t occurred to me to wish for an orange minus whatever it was I was allergic to in them, and then I was wondering if that would work since I didn’t know what it was, or whether it was an integral part of an orange…

Clammy disappeared and I kept walking, and somehow came into this big place. It was entirely made of textured white concrete, and the glass ceiling soared impossibly high. It gave it all an airy feeling. Planters with flowers and vines edged the paths and topped the walls. It was so pretty. All I really remember of it, though, is that there was a little roller coaster in it - a really little one - and that my dad was there, and so was this girl named Katie I used to like in elementary school.

October 3rd, I dreamed of being in school, only it wasn’t my school. It was a lot nicer than mine and felt more like a nice hotel than a school. The carpet was a cheerful bright blue with red and yellow diamond-pattern stitching, and the wall was hung with pretty paintings. I was walking back from my AP Bio class with one of my lab partners, Sean, and we were the only ones in the hallway. We came to the student store, which looked less like a student store than a high-end gift shop like you’d see in a museum or something.

Anyway, so, Sean and I went into the gift shop, and there happened to be a book in there that would really help us with our AP Bio work. We both stood there admiring it enviously for a while and talking about how good it was, when Sean said, “Right, I’m stealing it.”
“I can lend you money,” I offered, raising my eyebrows.
“No, I’m stealing it,” said Sean, and he snatched the book up, tucked it into his jacket, and raced out the door.

Hey!” wailed the clerk. I ran after Sean and caught up to him in the parking lot. He ignored me, until the clerk came barreling out the door and yelled at us, waving his arms pointlessly, which caused a young Asian woman loading her car with groceries to look up and start toward us.

I tackled her and wrestled her to the ground. Sean stared at us, transfixed, and I had to look up and mouth get out of here! to get him to tear his gaze away and keep running. Then, once, he was gone, it was like something snapped inside of me and I forgot what I was doing; I pinned the woman to the ground and forcibly made out with her. :awkward: That was an uncomfortable dream…


Suds I don’t know how you remember your dreams so vividly. I only can remember parts of my dreams.

On October 4th, I had four-and-a-half dreams in one night, because there was a really bad thunderstorm and my cat kept knocking on my door because my mom wasn’t there and he was lonely, so I woke up a lot.

The first involved my 23-year-old cousin, David. My mom told me (in the dream world, but before the dream actually started) that he had a sickness and was going to die. I think it was melanoma, because I remember that the blemishes on his face that I’d taken for lingering adolescent acne were actually a sign of his disease. Anyway, so, he came in to visit me in my room, maybe for the last time. At first I didn’t know what to say, but I was so upset that I started flinging out accusations I didn’t mean. I mean, I kept trying to blame things that obviously weren’t responsible. I don’t remember the exact dialogue (unlike in the previous dreams), but the exchange went something like this:

Me: It’s the sun’s fault! It made you sick.
Him: It’s not the sun’s fault.
Me: It’s the trees’ fault! They didn’t shade you enough.
Him: It’s not the trees’ fault.
Me: It’s God’s fault! Why didn’t He protect you?
Him: It’s not God’s fault, Becca.

So while I was on the edge of totally losing it and bursting into tears, I heard a very familiar thump on my door and turned to find my 10-year-old brother hanging from the chin-up bar affixed to the doorway of my room.

“Hi, David!” he chirped. “Mommy told me you were here - I have this really cool YouTube video I need to show you, come on -”
Ben,” I began furiously, about to tell him that David was very sick and now was not the time for roller coaster videos, but David said, “No, it’s all right. Show me.” Ben dropped from the bar and raced down the stairs out of sight. David went to follow him, but before he left, he turned and grinned at me. Then he disappeared down the stairs. I was devastated because in the dream I knew it was the last time I was ever going to see him.

Same. That dream changed me, kinda, now I might have a crush on that friend?

She’s not single, oh well. I’m staying single.