Dreams from My Father?

I am half way done reading Obama’s book to try to get in his head and learn what makes him tick. The book has extreme racial overtones.

Every paragraph I read I am left wondering, what part of it is real and what part of it is a fantasy or something “inspired by real life events” but never actually happened to Obama himself. Has anybody read the book and felt something similar?

My friend and ally in conservative politics has told me that he doesn’t trust Obama when he speaks. He only sees something that resembles more of a robot. SO why, he asks, would the book be any different?

NOTE: I do not want anybody on here to go around saying oh how bad the establishment is yada yada. Oh bad Obama is yada yada. I want critiques of his book and his book only! Thank you!

I haven’t had the time to read it. I like to read and i consider it a treat so I haves to be in the mood and that hasn’t happened since last year. I do intend to read it…and a long list of other books.

I can’t imagine taking the time to read it. It does sound rather Hitlerian, doesn’t it?

I agree. Why would I even waste my time. I already know what I need to know about him.

The guys an empty suit. I have no interest in what he thinks about anything. He’s a shallow socialist who just echoes stereotypical white New England liberal attitudes. Including blacks hating whites, they love that. I’m not knocking anyone who wants to read it, I just don’t have time to waste on a parrot who add nothing to the discussion. Lily white liberals do not like him because he leads, they like him because he blindly follows…them…

I am deep within the book now, and he talks about meeting his half sister for the first time. She keeps on referring to Kenya as, “home” or “his home” or “we have to go back home to see our father.”

What the heck! This complete with the book jacket from his literary agent and… Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

I was never a birther before, but now after reading his own book. I have no doubts in my mind, the man is not an American citizen!

Also there is this mysterious black figure: Rafiq al-Shabazz who which I cannot find much information or record on except in Obama’s book. Now, The places and circumstances in the book are most likely made up and different alterations of other people in Obama’s life. So for the moment I cannot verify that this man has existed!

It’s part of the left anyway looking down at America. To want to look down his nose at us while wanting to still be better then us is clearly consistent with his attitude, I don’t think it means anything that he does that.

So the announcements of his birth in the August 4, 1961 editions of the Honolulu Advertiser and Star Bulletin are, what, evidence of time travel?

I agree that he was born in Hawaii. But if you don’t know what jjf is referring to then you should educate yourself before jumping into a conversation. I think Obama said those things for marketing value. Liberals love a Kenyan looking down their nose at us. So he grabbed the cheap “credibility” of saying he’s not a natural born American so the left would love it when he slams us. However, if a Republican did that, the left would be all over it. This is yet another example of just a flagrant double standard.

The left was all over it - when Marco Rubio fictionalized his own immigrant story, spinning a tale about his parents fleeing from Castro’s dictatorship in Cuba, until it came to light that they actually moved to Florida years before he took power.

I don’t have any reason to doubt what you’re saying here. I was only asking about the birther part.

Right, where on the jacket of Obama’s own book it said he was born in Kenya. Here’s the quote … from … Obama’s … book … jacket …

“Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

That’s what he said. I do think as I said he was born in Hawaii, but the guy is a liar. That really should be more the focus of the research. But you won’t see that quote anywhere in the media on all the stories from the liberal media attacking birthers. Birthers are stupid, and yet they’re more intellectually honest than Obama, the liberal media or the left. He couldn’t even tell the truth of where he was BORN in his own book. Once again, he’s a liar and a snake oil salesman.

Of course he’s a liar. It could be a mistake as the publisher (I think) said, or it could have been a conscious decision to play up his immigrant roots. But yes he is a liar.

I’m guessing you’ve not listened to much of Alex Jones then.

He dreams of being born in Kenya.

The birthers ARE nut jobs Caudi… but you must admit that BHO is more a Kenyan than Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee! LOL

I dream of him moving to Kenya…

Wow, the high bar you set for the POTUS, he only has to be smarter than ONE birther. Well, and he has to be liberal. All that mattered was the liberal part, wasn’t it?

Did you just read the cover?

Not really honest to give a review if you just read the cover.

I’m not going to read it either so whatever.

Your review one tomato

Obama book who knows

Who are you replying too? Did you even read the opening post? Just the title?

Isn’t it ironic?

It seems this election cycle Obama is getting vetted some what and his book looks like it was made up of half truths to outright lies about his life.