Drexel Professor: 'I Tried Not to Vomit' When Passenger Gave Up Seat to Soldier


Here’s a live one:

“Some guy gave up his first-class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him,” Ciccariello-Maher tweeted, “I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul.”

In December, he tweeted that “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”

Ciccariello-Maher, who is white, called that remark “a joke” because “white isn’t a race.”

I don’t know if it’s a publicly funded university or not. If it is, I don’t see how in the world they managed not to fire this clown; this kind of garbage makes the natives restless… Full article: Drexel Professor: ‘I Tried Not to Vomit’ When Passenger Gave Up Seat to Soldier | Fox News Insider


These douche bags are coming out of the woodwork like the cock roaches they are. Spray them.


I wish he really had “yell(ed) about Mosul”. The flight crew would swiftly have shown him the “respect” he’d earned thereby. Plus a note of warning for the crew of that next flight to which he’d been bumped.


The new breed of alt-left is to be controversial by showing a disdain for America and anything or anyone supportive of America. Sad characters really.


The less effective their propaganda becomes, the louder and more extreme their propaganda must get: the Left have no intellectual basis for anything they believe so they must play the only cards they do have.

Childish Slogans
Race Baiting
Gender baiting
Class envy

The best thing we can do is identify the things that really set them off (like openly respecting soldiers) and do them constantly, we need this meltdown of the Left to continue and if possible gain momentum if the Left are to be destroyed in their entirety.

There is no more effective a strategy than helping your opponent to destroy himself if your opponent is dumb enough to participate, usually this a GOP trait but the Left have now fallen down the same well of idiocy.

By the time this is over we may be rid of all publicly funded schools beyond the High School grades, just imagine how great the future would look for America if that happened.


After years of dealing with regressive liberal scum, I have observed a pattern of tactics they use. I have outlined them here and for the most, they always do one or more of these things on message boards.

Regressive liberal ROE

  1. Demand a link or an explanation of the truth they are objecting to.

  2. Promptly reject all explanations as right wing lies.

  3. Ignore any facts presented.

  4. Ridicule spelling and typos, punctuation.

  5. Attack the person as being juvenile, ie: “are you 12 years old”, question their education, intelligence.

  6. Employ misdirection,
    6a. smear people
    6b. attack religion

  7. Lie, make false assumptions

  8. Play race/gender card

  9. Play gay/lesbian card

  10. Play the Nazi/Fascist card

  11. Make up stuff

  12. Deny constantly

  13. Reword and repeat

  14. Pretending not to understand when they have been posting about it for the last 2 days.

  15. When losing, resort to personal attacks.


> 1. Demand a link or an explanation of the truth they are objecting to.

Sometimes I include that in my posts, to preclude the objection. Other times I have a link ready - from an MSM source, to make poisoning the well less easy - but hold it back in ambush.

> 8. Play race/gender card
> 9. Play gay/lesbian card
> 10. Play the Nazi/Fascist card

It sure worked well when The CHILL played those cards all at once, with her Deplorables hand. #MemeBackfire


They always do one or more of them it seems.


In every point there is found a common basis: The LIE. The entire world of liberalism is based upon a LIE!

Dr Jerry Foote, Prof, SUM Univ, Dallas, Tx: He taught one of my business classes. For my hard work and efforts I got a “D”. As it was a team effort, each team being 2 students, my partner got an “A”. The grades were given on a paper prepared by the two of us. Since it was 100% a shared effort any grade one got so did the other…except in our case. But Dr Foote knew I was a Vietnam combat vet and he needled me on it in class. He (today) would be a far left radical). He was a stayed in school till he got a PhD and then got married and had a kid in order to beat the DRAFT and he HATED us vets!

Upon getting my grade for the semesters work I called my buddy, he got the A. Well that is not right so lets go see him, maybe he made a mistake. Another guy came with us who was also in my class. Dr Foote’s office was on the 2nd Floor of the Cox School of Business, he had a large window behind his desk. The 3 of us went in and discussed my grade. Dr Foote took the low road and went into a tirade on me being a Vietnam COMBAT veteran and baby killer etc etc etc.

Somewhere in his tirade I had had enough…A few month ealier I had been on the DMZ in Vietnam, I was in good physical shape to say the least and a big guy at 6’2.5". I lean over the desk and grab Foote in the mouth by his shirt collar and tell him in no uncertain terms that his )(*U% azz is going OUT that window as I drag him over the desk and toward the window as I yell for Mike to ‘get that damn window open, he is going airborne’. Mike and my other buddy managed to stop me and get my hands off pencil neck. Pencil neck says he will change my grade, he does, he makes it a C. He also files a complaint with the Dean, who calls in me and my buddies. Dean asks me if it really happened and I say yes, he said were you really gonna throw his azz out the window…probably so. He laughs and you Army guys, I know you well I was also Army just after Korean war. He says I will take care of it.

I get a “A” for the class and Pencil Neck, well his contract was not renewed, he was not there for the Spring semester…


Yep, biggest liars ever.


Did he actually vomit then? He said he *tried *not to.


A strong knee to the groin will assure a deep vomit…


**​Yeah, and a hard boot to the short ribs is persuasive as well. **


As a “Professor” he probably has no idea what his word choice actually communicated :slight_smile: