Driver Pulls Over Trooper For Speeding, Gets An Apology: 'I Was Dumbfounded'


Driver Pulls Over Trooper For Speeding, Gets An Apology: ‘I Was Dumbfounded’

A Texas civilian is still surprised by the apology he received after he pulled over a police officer he says was speeding.Philip Turner told Inside Edition: “I was dumbfounded, I never expected that kind of reaction from a police officer.”
Turner filmed the incident on August 1 and posted it on YouTube shortly after.

In the video recorded on Turner’s dashcam, he captured himself chasing State Trooper David Granado down because of how fast he was going.

The drivers says he followed the cop for several miles to make sure the officer wasn’t responding to an emergency.

God Bless Texas. Where the brave men and women enforce the law, cherish the constitution and apologize when they err. If only we could somehow these citizens to come to Canada and show this nation what real liberty looks like.

The guy video taped this and talked about double standard, but I can assure you if this happened in some jurisdictions, he would be arrested or at worst, told to get back in his car and move on. At least he received and apology and provided his badge number.


Nonsense. If this guy “chased” a speeding cop down, it’s obvious HE was speeding himself…in fact, likely going faster than the cop was or he couldn’t have caught up to him. That’s a dangerous and stupid thing to do. Police have three levels of response to situations. Code 1 – Routine call. No reason to expect violence or an emergency. Code 2 – Potentially dangerous or violent situation. Hurry to get there subject to reasonable safety concerns for others on the roads and streets. Code 3 – Emergency situation. Get there as fast as possible using lights and sirens…again subject to reasonable safety concerns. A police officer speeding without endangering others is NOT necessarily “illegal” or even out of his department’s policy. Don’t violate the law yourself just to make a point–especially when you have no idea what sort of a call he may be on. You could endanger yourself–not to mention the people he may have been hurrying to help.


Of course he shouldn’t have chased him. As you stated he was obviously speeding himself than.

The fact that the cop apologized and gave him the time of day was telling to me as a Canadian. I would never do this myself, but I can assure you, that in certain jurisdictions of the world; those less loyal to the Rule of Law and basic premises of freedom that this guy would not get an apology and might even be arrested for some trumped up reason.


“Trumped up reason,” Gracie??? Let’s just suppose that the officer WAS responding to a “Code 2” call? Let’s suppose that this idiot chasing him down and waving him over caused the cop to be late to his call and, in the meantime, the situation deteriorated to violence and someone died. Or maybe worse yet, let’s suppose that in his zeal to catch up to the cop, this moron speeds well above the speed limit, loses control of his car and strikes and kills someone else. If the cop was speeding, then it’s apparent that this guy was speeding even more. You DON’T break the law and endanger the rest of the public just to interfere in a situation about which you know nothing…period.


I agree. It’s not something I would ever do. The point I make is different than what the guy who pulled the cop over is making.

I suggest that the fact the cop acknowledged this and apologized provides some level of respect for the situation. He was speeding and got caught, it happens. “Sorry”. The fact he was chased down is absurd and stupid, some guy is chasing his 15 minutes of fame. At least the officer is showing that he is aware of his mistake, for those of us who don’t live in jurisdictions that demands authority follow the rule of law, this is a big deal. He gave his badge number and dealt with the situation in a respectful, calm manner.

In some jurisdictions, he wouldn’t get an apology and would be lucky to be allowed to go free, yes, without some “trumped up charges”. Not related to the fact the guy sped to catch the officer. You might be surprised how flippant some police forces are about basic premises of liberty and democracy. Some would take this as an affront and “disrespect” to his authority as an officer, this cop obviously did not.

Texas is a unique place whos existence has ensured America, if not much of the world is a safer more free place. This guy might be trying to show there is a double standard, but a citizen pulling over a cop is unheard of in Canada for instance.


I didn’t look at the video so I don’t know. I will point out that it certain parts of Texas it really isn’t all that dangerous to speed. Where I’m at, to be honest, there isn’t much to hit. For example about 20 years ago I was in one of the neighboring towns (neighboring as in 80 miles away) & headed home. I put my cruise control on 115 miles an hour. I passed 2 maybe 3 cars the whole trip. Oh & as far as curves…you don’t have to curve around cactus so our roads are pretty darned straight. (wink).


I STILL disagree. This moron had no understanding of what the cop was doing or if he were responding to a Code 2 situation. If I had been that officer, first of all, I would have told this idiot to take his complaint to my supervisor. I would NOT have apologized–especially if I were on one of those Code 2 calls. Secondly, once I finished with whatever I was responding to, I’d have issued the guy a citation for speeding AND for interfering with an on-duty police officer. Police in patrol cars only rarely drive around idly with no destination in mind.


I am in agreement with Pappa on this one. Unless the cop was driving recklessly he had no business flagging him down.

Also this guy must be a Northerner(aka Import). Who follows the speed limit in Texas? If you see a cop speeding without his lights on that is a free pass.


These comments, the video, the apology, etc. presume there is actually something wrong with speeding other than breaking a silly law… :grin:

Remember, kids, speeding is fun. Do it, and do it often! Speed limits are for other people, just like the lines and signs and lights…


In Texas they(speed limit signs) are the minimum speed at which you must travel.