dry aging meat

Well, the dry age experiment was a complete success. SO much so, that my Dear Elderly Mother asked me to do one, in her fridge. So, I have a 20.5 pounder aging for 28 days. Will harvest on August 2. And then, the Manager, not to be confused with the other boss, split the cost of a 16.5 pounder, which is in My Fridge and will harvest on Aug. 20. Next, will be a couple of Top Sirloin Butts. They have incredible flavor, are much cheaper, and will benefit from aging in tenderness. I priced them at Sam’s Club. About 5 bucks a pound, compared to 10 bucks for Rib Eye.
If you love good beef, this is a Must Try. Man, with a Baked Sweet Potato, and a Green Salad, and a Glass of superior Cabernet, this is Heaven on Earth. So tender and so delicious.
Now, has anyone ever “hot tubbed” a steak? I did this with my first sample out to the aging process.
I set up my Crock Pot. Filled it 75% full of hot tap water. Put a small glass bowl inverted on the bottom to protect the meat from the element. Turned it on “Warm” to bring the temp up to 130*F.
Set my vacuum sealed steak, in the bag, in the water. Covered the pot with Aluminum Foil. Poked a cooking thermometer through the foil, into the water. Once the water reached 132, I turned the unit off. When it came down to 127, I turned it on “warm” again. I wasn’t sure when my wife would get home. I chopped up a couple of salads, put them in the refrigerator, and started baking the Sweet Potatoes.
Kept the Steaks at 127-132 for 2 hours. They are good for up to three. She arrived. I seasoned the steaks, salt, pepper and garlic, and I began warming up the potatoes, and fired up the grill. Got the grill to 700 degrees F. Seared 90 sec. to 2 min. on each side. Finished the meal by buttering the Sweet potatoes, shaking on some cinnamon and brown sugar, and a balsamic vinaigrette on the salad. 2005 Hahn Estates Cabernet Savignon.
I made a Strawberry Granita, and a Strawberry/Pomegranite Martini for after dinner.
This was, by far, the best Steak Dinner I have had in 30 years. I thought my petite better half was gonna hurt herself with the silverware, she was eating so fast. I had to slow her down, like you would a child. She sat there, head down, shoveling it in, mumbling about how delicious it was.
I got the same opinions from my Mother, my Boss and his son. Those who know me here, are aware that I love to cook great food. This was one of my finest triumphs.

Sounds great! I’m currently preparing a rack of back ribs for smoking with mesquite pellets in my new smoker. Can’t wait to try 'em after smoking. The kids and grandkids and their “significant others” will be here tomorrow night for a catfish fry. We’ll deep fry the filets in very hot canola oil, alternating each basket-load with skin-on potatoes, cut into 1" chunks and commercial hush-puppies. We bread fish filets using Zatarains Cajun breading and serve them with home-made cole slaw (made by our foster daughter) and my wife’s wonderful home-made tartar sauce (she’s making about a half-gallon of it this time because it always seems to run out.) Sliced tomatoes and iced tea round out the meal. My youngest granddaughter won’t eat fish, so we’re cooking her some chicken strips prepared with Zatarains just for her. We’re expecting about 12 people, including the two great-grandsons–both of whom LOVE fried fish and potatoes. The secret is to heat the oil to just under its flashpoint so when you drop in the filets, it sears the fish and seals them then cooks them until the float, at which point I take 'em out of the oil, drain and put them on a paper-towel on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven set at 180 degrees so they’ll stay hot. Oddly, the potatoes remove the “fish” taste out of the oil, but don’t taste “fishy” themselves. I had to go to three places to find enough filets for this meal and wound up buying a box of tilapia filets–just in case we don’t have enough catfish. Tilapia is delicate fish also without a “fishy” flavor. It’s always my second choice for a fish fry.

I won’t eat catfist filets, has to bone in for me. BIG difference in taste.

Please don’t feed your loved ones Tilapia.

Tilapia of which there are over 100 species of Tilapia, its a GMO fish, nothing healthy there. You might wonder why you never heard of it, certainly I never had so i did some research on it: DO NOT EAT IT! It was primarily developed for 3rd world countries. I would not have it in my house nor will I eat it. Don’t believe me, Google it!