'Duck Dynasty' star's NASCAR prayer enrages liberals


Phil Robertson has drawn the ire of a bunch of Jesus-bashing, liberal lug nuts after he petitioned the Lord during a NASCAR invocation to put a “Jesus-Man in the White House.”
Brother Phil delivered the pre-race invocation on April 9th at the Texas Motor Speedway’s Duck Commander 500. And it was a mighty fine invocation, indeed.
“I pray Father that we put a Jesus-Man in the White House,” he prayed. “Help us do that and help us all to repent, to do what is right, to love you more and to love each other. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.”
Brother Phil also mentioned the Bible, guns and thanked the Good Lord for the United States military – just like any good church-going, Christian man would do.
But the Duck Commander’s heartfelt invocation caused the Mainstream Media to blow a collective head gasket.

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Liberals who like to tell us they are christians while refusing what the bible says and applying their values over the words once again prove that they do not really care about God nor do they want someone in the White House that holds values that support this nation rather than the rush to destroy the country and turn it into a secular nightmare.

So the opinion of a man who has come under fire for his adherence to a faith that is abhorrent has exposed the duplicity of liberals once again.


If it angers liberals, it’s probably a good thing.


God bless Phil Robertson!


> I pray Father that we put a Jesus-Man in the White House,” he prayed. “Help us do that and help us all to repent

Great prayer but this especially, so often the call for believers to repent is left out of the appeal for Godly leadership.

In the end the Believers have more voting power than any other group in America, we have the power to choose Godly leaders for almost every elected office in this country; the evidence that we need to repent is never more clear than when observing the list of names that win our elections.

So many think that the appearance of righteousness is the best way to “show Christ” to the world but it is the willingness to REPENT for our errors when we make them without hesitation or fear that stands out as unique in this world.

Nice job Phil