Dump Facebook NOW and I mean YOU!


Donald Trump will be suspended from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely and at least until the end of his time in office, Mark Zuckerberg has said, as a consequence of his support for the rioters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday.

You must close your account NOW. I don’t want to hear about: “I only want to share photos of the grandkids”. Get over it, use email. Your participation at any level is financial support of the enemy. If you do not do this please refrain from complaining about any political event again. You have abdicated your civil responsibility and are complicit in our downfall.

Yes, the President fomenting an attack on the capital is ok, it’s having Facebook that the real crime.

I’d post a picture of me laughing at you, like this:


If your unpatriotic behavior didn’t make me feel like this:


Unpatriotic? Coming from a party that wants to twist the Constitution and the rule of law like a pretzle. A shamefuil president-elect who is eager to kick the truth to the curb to desperately try to score political points.

Your party is scared of Trump 2024, that’s why Nancy is calling for another impeachment. Bring it on. Impeach tomorrow and another failed trial Friday. It will give us some more names of GOP congresscritters who need to be purged come next election.

We are not a cult of personality, we are a cult of people who want to restore Government of the People and the rule of law.

Enjoy your victory while you can. We are not going anywhere. OUR state legislatures WILL fix election laws in their respective states or they are going to go down in their next re-election. The 2022 election will make the Tea Party look like … a tea party. Your days are numbered, make the most of them.


That’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation isn’t it? If the election was rigged, how exactly would you “vote them out”? They already won last time with the old system… so why change it? No matter how many people vote against them, they’ll still end up with the most votes.

I guess that you missed this part.

No, that’s literally what I’m replying to.

If the election is rigged - they can do nothing and still be re-elected. Because their votes don’t come from people - they come from machines.
I’m talking about your Republican reps. Unless you think the system is wide open for cheating, but all of your Republican reps are too honorable to do it.

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Wholesale cheating is rare in red districts. Every Republican I’ve talked to is madder than a wet hen. Republican legistators have three choices: reform election laws, retire or be retired.

We should probably have a new constitutional convention soon. Tons of countries rewrite their constitution to contextualize them to modern times. In about 50 or so years, our constitution will have been written closer to the medieval period than the current year.

At least you know it’s a cult

Perhaps, who knows if it will stick around, but so far I believe Trump’s biggest legacy will be politically motivating the left to action. He’s not super popular with the young people who are more motivated than ever to vote.

I see a Constitution that has lasted 232 years as a positive not a negative. I shudder to imagine what might come out of a Constitutional Convention today.


Did you hear the president say anything that sounded like “fomenting an attack”? He did not. Fascist Antifa led the attack. A few gullible Republicans followed them.

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Problem is, all these constitutional rewrites bolster license at the expense of freedom…


I am sure they taught you that crap in college.

If you would bother to do some study on your own, you would find that the Constitution has evolved greatly since it was written in 1788. At first voting was limited to White male property owners. They were limited to voting for only the members of the House of Representatives on the Federal level. The Senators and the members of the Electoral College were picked by the state legislatures. Even that system was way above the practices of the rest of the world at the time, which was ruled by kings and despots.

By 1824, over 50% of the members of the Electoral College were picked by the voters. Constitutional amendments in the early 20th century give voters to right to elect Senators and gave women the right to vote. Other amendments have expanded freedoms since then.

If you want to examine the issue, the constitutional framework provides plenty of room for reform. The Constitution and the amendments also provide for freedom of speech and due process under the law. That is how a free, civilized society should operate.

I suppose you want a new constitution that will provide for socialism and the state ownership of property “for the benefit of all.” Before you take that step, you should look at the human rights record for socialism and communism. It has not been impressive, unless you think that jailing people for what they think and believe is a crime.

One of the big problems I had with one your champions, the late Ruth Batter Ginsberg, was that she had the same ideas that you had. She went overseas and expressed that opinion in 2012. She had that First Amendment right, but I never had any use for her as a Supreme Court justice after she said that. She broke her oath of office, which was to defend and protect the constitution. She did neither.

You sir have entered:


That’s you in the doorway…

What I find hilarious is the war that’s going on Parlar where 1/2 of the people are denouncing the attack as ANTIFA false flag attack, and the other 1/2 are doubling down on the attack and calling the Trump supporters that initiated it true American patriots.

Your side is screwed.

Democrat fascist Antifa is delighted with the success of their operation.

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Guess you all have to get rid of twitter now too since they banned Trump’s account today.

Big tech served notice today that censorship of political speech that does not agree with their politics will be wide-spread public policy under Democrat rule. Charles Pane, who is a columnist for the Washington Post, and hardly a conservative, express reservations about this policy. He said that comments would go underground.

Perhaps you will get beyond your programming @Gene and think about this issue, but I am not optimistic.

That would be preferable. Before Parler, there was Gab. Before Gab, there was Id4chan. Before that, it was 8chan. Before that, Reddit was having issues. Before that, the was Stormfront. Before that, there was the Daily Shoah. And quite a few Trump supporters (Kaitlin Bennet springs to mind) love their triple parentheses. .Here is an article highlighting the extremist nature of the website thedonald.win. Right wing hate groups have always publicly had a platform on the internet. Private companies should not be forced to have their platforms hijacked by extremists. What happened on Wednesday was depressingly predictable.

I still find it amazing how the left projects themselves onto their opponents. The Party of Hate constantly has to refer to “right wing hate groups”.

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Oh this is funny now. He got at least 3 other accounts suspended for trying to log into them and tweet.

And no, he’s not being censored. He could release a statement through his office, or hold a press conference as every other president has done to get there message out in the past. Just be glad they waited until all elections were over and he formally conceded to Biden. He has nothing left of value to say on Twitter that can’t be said by more formal means.

You think that’s what they want? Not at all! They want the power and liscence to crush all dissent. They want to be God… minus the pesky benevolence, of course.