Dump Facebook NOW and I mean YOU!

Considering that one of Trump’s last tweets before he was banned was how he was going to be a coward and not show up to the Biden inauguration, and that a classified US Government flight is booked for Scotland Airport on January 19, there is a non-zero (albeit unlikely) chance that Trump is going to tuck tail and run to his Scottish golf course much in the same manner a shonky second hand car salesman has a “fire sale”…

I would like to dump Facebook, but my wife uses it to keep up with family. As for Twitter, I gave up on that soon after I opened an account. It’s impossible to do anything there unless you have an in with someone who will let you into their group. Now that they have dumped most all of the conservative thinkers with any clout, it’s going to nothing but an echo chamber anyway. “Comrades” will only be talking to other “Comrades.” I would love to see it die on the vine.

I don’t know anything about this “Parlar,” but I’m hearing at least enough evidence of Antifa to warrant a serious investigation.
2 Got news: At least from a worldly perspective, all sides are screwed. We’re starting to see the biggest power grab in history, and I don’t even begin to mean Trump.


Precisely. I have never posted anything different, except perhaps in jest.

Why? What difference would it make. Do you sincerely believe that most/ all of the people rushing the capitol were Antifa?

I seem to remember posting this video about a man in sold black that walks up and breaks windows during a BLM protest and no one here seems all that convinced that it could be someone trying to incite looing.

Yet here we have people literally posing inside the capitol building, people known to be die hard Trump supporters and you want to investigate ANTIFA?

I’ll say the same thing to you I said to Q.

I’m all about uncovering the truth, the recent problem I see is that when these things turn out to be false, it’s simply ignored and we just get a new excuse. This is what’s been happening with alleged voter fraud. If I thought for one second it would make a dam bit of difference I would understand, but I don’t think it does and I think calling for an investigation is just a tactic to try to give something that isn’t true more weight.


Doesn’t get much bigger than a violent attempted coup.

Then you must have an awfully low bar for what constitutes a coup attempt. This was just a bunch of fruit loops acting like a bunch of underspanked children.

True. The ACTUAL coup effort began the day following the 2016 election and has been ongoing ever since.

Really? Because on the house floor was a an Air Force Lt. Colonel holding nylon handcuffs. As the arrests pour in we learn that CEO’s, Police, at least 1 member (so far) of the military’s PSOPS community (though this is under investigation) were part of this insurrection. True, 90% of those people might just be disaffected wingnuts, but it would only take a small group of organized people within that group to affect a plan and some real damage.

The evidence is starting to point towards Trump himself. That he may have directed certain actions that prevented adequate security to begin with and later delayed responses to the riot once it began.

Now let me be clear. I think I know enough about you to know that if you had attended, at the very least, you wouldn’t have joined in and at most would have encouraged people not to storm the capitol or harm police.

But the fact is, you and people like you are going to have to come to grips with the fact, that no matter how much you agree with Trump’s policies, these are the people the man inspired and knowing encouraged (at best) and at worst may have provided support too.

Do I think that these wingnuts were ever going to take over the US government? No, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be dealt with as such to send a message to anyone, foreign or domestic, that these kinds of actions won’t be tolerated.

That said, who knows what Trump would have done if they had managed to break into and gain access to representatives. Do you really believe they were breaking through barricades, attacking police, breaking windows and doors, and storming into the Speakers gallery to shake hands with their elected representatives?

I don’t.

There is a video of these people chanting “where is Pence”. It didn’t sound like they wanted to shake his hand either.

Now if they had reached Pence and other members of the government. What do you think Trump’s response would have been?

He sat and did nothing for over an hour while this was taking place.

Dude, you need to open your eyes. Trump is a bad person and the world is waking up to that fact and the backlash is real and honestly it only hurts people like you who have genuine beliefs and convictions and now those are going to get mixed up with what happened at the capitol. Trust me, I know. I get lumped in the violence perpetuated by members of the left, violence I don’t condone support and I unequivocally condemn.

This is your real problem right here:

You have to understand that the Capital riot is like the Burning of the Reichstag for “progressives” like @csbrown28. It is the excuse to shut down free speech and every other aspect of the First Amendment. The Democrats have yet to take power and yet they are shutting down anyone who opposes them.

I predict that this tiny site will be shut down within a year.

Sorry, where have 1A rights been violated?

I’ll bet $1000 that won’t happen. Wanna bet? Hell, I’ll give you 10:1 odds. I’ll take a free $100 anytime.

Sounds like more whining and crying about the consequences of the actions of the political right. They finally went to far.

Then this must have been the most hamhanded coup attempt in history. None or almost none of those who stormed the Capitol were even armed.

Well, that we can agree on.

that said, there were people with weapons, there were bombs planted (still under investigation), and Molotov cocktails. Having said that, I already agreed this wasn’t really about taking over the government as much as it was sending a message. I think if they had captured members of the government they would have harassed them and threatened them, though I doubt most would not have wanted to harm them, clearly, there were some who did.

now unless you think it’s a good idea for disaffected groups to storm the capitol and threaten our political leaders with harm, then yes, this is and should be treated as an insurrection as 1) I’m not sure if there weren’t members of that mob whose intention it was to take over the government and 2) An actual insurrection would look about the same.

I won’t bother asking you if you “honestly” believe the crap you routinely post here, because I don’t think you can be “honest” about much of anything. However, do you REALLY believe that there has NOT been an ongoing coup attempt against President Trump for the past 4+ years? Before the man’s electoral vote lead was verified, Democrats were threatening to impeach him! The FBI ADMITTEDLY tried to subvert his choice for DNI by staging a perjury trap against all standards of behavior. And that happened during the transition period before the inauguration!

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Trump is clever if not smart. He managed to insulate himself from the accusations and prevent the truth from coming to light. Now that he is no longer in control, I predict we’ll learn a lot more about what happened over the last 4.5 years.

I also predict that you’ll deny it all, no matter the evidence.

Because he was a traitor.

That’s an empty bet because once this site is down, there will be no way to contact each other.

I’m going to infuriate you even further. What we have here is a repeat of a historical pattern.

• Last summer’s riots - Kristallnacht
• Black Lives Matter and Antifa – The Brown Shirts
• Election of Biden – Election of Paul von Hindenburg
• Storming of the Capital – Burning the Reichstag
• Rise of the United States Dictator – Hitler

The Youngest Democrat leaders are Harris, who is 56 and Schumer who is 70. The leaders in the House are all 80 years old or more. Pelosi would like to be a dictator, but she’s long in the tooth. Will Harris be the next Hitler? Could be. Her demeanor is nasty enough, but the question remains if she can attract enough followers. That is yet to be determined. She got nowhere in the Democrat primaries.

The only “liberal” group that has questioned the actions of big tech so far has been the ACLU. Someone in the Government will get them back in line soon enough.

A more interesting question is, are you concerned about big tech’s actions, @csbrown28? Does it concern you, even a little, that all decent is in the process of being stifled? This is an acid test to see how much of a fascist you are. How far do your personal beliefs toward to role of government in society match that of the fascists? Don’t laugh this off. This is a serious question.

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You know that most Nazis were completely convinced of their moral superiority and the rightness of their cause?

Right, because we couldn’t possibly find another way to keep in touch.

Here’s what we do. We give someone on this site that we both trust our email. And we run the bet that way. So no, it’s not empty.

Heck, I’ll agree to put $1000 in an escarole account if you are and we pick someone to hand out the winnings. You game? Because I’ll gladly take your $100 and frame it.

Did any of them storm the capitol when their “Hitler” lost the election?


Talk about infuriating.

Why do you think it’s ok for private companies to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but not based on violence and sedition?

I’ll give you a serious answer to this question.

Yes, it does concern me. A lot. It’s scary that so many people have reacted so forcefully. Now I think they deserve it, but I think this is the cultural morality that I’ve spoken about in the past. If this is just the corperations and government people will speak out and the capitalist will listen.

So where will our shared values take us?

What government agencies have banned Trump or their supporters?

It’s been the market that has reacted most harshly.

The 1A does not apply to private companies. Those companies can choose to ban who they wish and live with the consequences of their decisions.

As are you. Hmmmmm?

My cause is to be left alone to live my life in peace and relative freedom, hopefully improving myself and my circumstances through my own efforts along the way.


This has been my point from the beginning. I think that @csbrown28 should move to California and turn into one big socialist state. He and his followers can live in their paradise and leave the rest of us lone. I would not lift a finger to change California, if they leave the rest of us alone.

But that is not their plan. They are out to force the rest of us to live under their socialist state and their rules. That why he a fascist and person who is not to be trusted on any level.

“You live by my rules, or go to jail. Shut-up and do as I say because I am your intellectual superior, and I should have complete power.”

This is the @csbrown28 and “progressive Democrat” creed.