Dumping Boehner, The Key To A Turnaround


I was opposed to putting Boehner back into the Speakers Chair after the 2010 Election because I thought he would destroy the momentum and potential that the “Tea Party Class” brought with them to Washington.

This American Spectator piece explores all the possibilities that might be salvaged if the GOP grows a pair before the new Congress chooses a Speaker.

The American Spectator : Replacing Speaker Boehner

I doubt the Establishment GOP would ever tolerate replacing one of their own but it is good to hear that Conservatives are at least floating ideas about how to do it.


I’m glad Ferrara corrected where I’d been mislead. I, too, thought Squeaker Boehner was a done deal. But if people thought the leadership was going to be a tough sell on a replacement, just try going outside the House. That’d be a mistake.
But, jic, ya got anybody in mind, RETT?

And wouldn’t it be nice if things went as they should?

The House can then pass a bill making all of the Bush tax cuts permanent, and send everyone home subject to recall when the Senate acts. The new leaders then go on national tour to explain to a very retrogressive nation today that the next step according to the law books, as can be read in the civics books for those who can still read, is for the Democrat Senate to act on the House passed bill, and then for the differences to be ironed out in Conference.

My favorite part, in particular:

President Obama, we will call you when we are ready for you, (B.G.)…to sign the bill that the Congress of the United States has passed.


There are some great Conservatives in the House (based on their voting records) but the Speaker needs to be outspoken and willing to do combat, since I am not in the district with many of these Conservatives I don’t know how confrontational they can be.

Darrell Issa is one of ours who is not afraid to throw a punch based on his committee history but there may be better options that I am just not familiar with.