Duncan Hunter gets my vote. Why ain't he running?


Oh My God, a U.S. Congressman Just Vaped While Legislating

Saw this on Vaping Militia’s FB page. The guy was vaping during a Congressional hearing!


Not too impressed with that.


If he would blow the vapor into Pelosi face he would get my vote.


Big deal. Our moron of a REPUBLICAN governor recently issued an “executive order” banning vaping in any State government building. Her “reason?” “Police will have a hard time distinguishing between vaping and actual smoking–which is already banned!” What a STUPID thing to do and say! My vaping smells like apples and is actually pretty pleasant and doesn’t harm a soul.


And Obama smokes Marlboros in the White House, maybe the only thing I wont criticize him for. What’s the big deal?


Then you’ll love this.

“This was one (bill) that actually provided a little bit of clarity for our membership,” said Kristian Scales, vice president of government affairs for the association.

“The law isn’t explicitly clear as to how it treats vapes (e-cigs) and so our restaurant members are left to make that determination for themselves, and certainly they often do. They just thought this was a step in the right direction and gave them more clarity.”

These people in this association, at least some of them, don’t know what to do with vaping, so they’re looking for a government official to tell them. Ugh. But impressive senate committee there in Virginia.

And to go along with that, personally, I’ve had folks tell me that since cops can’t distinguish nicotine vapor or no-nic vaping from marijuana vaping they ought to be banned in public.

All this over a technology that helps people overcome an addiction. It’s life-saving technology, so naturally, the libs and big-government nanny staters plus their big-pharm and big-tobacco lobby are gonna fight it tooth and nail.

@NJC, you don’t really have to be impressed, but thanks for sharing.

I am impressed though because it’s a ray of light in a rather ridiculous struggle that should never be a political discussion at all, because it sticks it in the eye of the nanny staters, because Duncan Hunter was brilliant and eloquent in this video.


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