Dupnik's Real Outrage: Detroit-on-the-Desert


Dupnik’s Real Outrage: Detroit-on-the-Desert
Stuart Schwartz
American Thinker

Clarence Dupnik, extraordinary and courageous law enforcement officer, personally congratulated by our president. That’s the portrait of the Pima County sheriff who has become a hero to the national media by blaming the Tucson Safeway massacre on, among others, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party.

The New York Times editorial board has cast the sheriff as a valiant warrior fighting against an epidemic of violence that makes his beloved Pima County the epicenter of “the anger, the hatred and the bigotry that goes on in this country.” …

But a trip to the Uniform Crime Reports database of the FBI tells a different story. Forget the boosterish statistics reported by Dupnik on his taxpayer-financed website. … Although the county has had reporting problems (the Sheriff is a remarkably sloppy administrator), the FBI has enough data to allow us to come to this conclusion: The citizens of Pima County are up to their necks in crime, especially when compared to neighboring Maricopa County.

Sheriff Dupnik seems to be too busy frying the fish of political ambition to do something minor and boring … like what the taxpayers of Pima County pay him to do!