Durham Probe: Full Throttle expanding

“He’s going full throttle, and they’re looking at everything,” the source told Fox News.

“Everything” might include several officials in the highest levels of the previous administration, including the highest — Barack Obama. The former president has gotten more public than usual in making his feelings known on this issue with the DoJ, claiming that the rule of law is “at risk” with the withdrawal of the Flynn case. Obama didn’t note that he might have a vested interest in discouraging a look into the origins of that probe, but Andy McCarthy points that conflict of interest at National Review:


The best defense is a good offense. That was my first thought on learning that former president Barack Obama has decided to make himself heard on the dismissal of the prosecution of Michael Flynn. As I’ve been noting for years, notwithstanding his pretensions about never interfering in FBI investigations, Mr. Obama was smack in the middle of his administration’s investigation of the Trump campaign. This week, in the exhibits appended to the Justice Department’s Flynn dismissal motion, it was revealed that Obama was neck-deep in the investigation of Flynn, concocted into a collusion caper by his intel advisers and the FBI. It is not a spotlight the former president covets, so he’s lashing out . . . and the usual wagons are circling.

heh heh heh


Get ready for the news media to go on full attack mode to defend “Saint Barack.” It will be a two pronged strategy. First, there will be the traditional defense of their “saint” and potential martyr. Second, a never ending string of stories about how the Trump administration, and to a lesser extent, the Republican governors, who are reopening their states, have totally botched the handling of the Corona Virus crisis and are responsible for tens of thousands of needless deaths.

Watch for stupid questions like one the Bozos from ABC News asked yesterday. “Since everyone in the Whitehouse is getting tested daily, shouldn’t that be available to all Americans?” “Don’t we need to test everyone before we can reopen?” Every news cast will open with the death toll and emphasize the fact the everything is getting worst, whether it is or not.

Then they will cut over and show food lines and talk about how bad unemployment is. (It’s Trump’s fault! See how things suck? Vote Democrat!)

They will really double down on this and totally ignore what Durham reports for a few weeks at least.

Don’t doubt me. I watch the “Evening Lies” report every night on ABC. The main differences between the World Wrestling Federation and the news media is that most people know that the WWF is a scripted farce and presented for entertainment purposes. The news media also presents scripted farces, but sadly too many people actually believe them.


oh absolutely and they warn of a disastrous second wave of death and destruction.

For the most part, these blue state mayors and governors have made bad decision putting seniors in retirement homes at greater risk. They will suffer no civil or criminal expense for that. If you are gov’t, you can kill off the citizenry as long as you do it with ‘good intentions’.


REmember that video of Obama reading text messages and he reads one from real Donald trump? this was before the election.

WEll at real Donald trump, at least I will go down as president. His exact words.

I SO hope that is prophetic on Barack’s part.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvgnOqcCYCM 1.24 mark

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I’ve said all along, since the result of the dems’ impeachment-gate, that this virus is just another ploy by the lefties to invalidate the 2016 elections. Now the big topic in the leftie’s pocket is voting by mail for the November election. That is why the dems are reluctant to “reopen” the country.


I am sure the Dems are working on counterfeit ballots and graveyard voter lists for November.

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no doubt. There’ll be a lot of ballot boxes inadvertently found in the trunks of cars after the polls close.