Dutch researchers are learning how to grow food on Mars and the Moon

Agricultural researchers at a Dutch university say they are taking the first steps towards providing an answer.
They are growing vegetables in soils similar to those found on the Moon and Mars, looking for ways of helping space pioneers grow their own crops.
“When people go to the Moon and Mars they also have to eat, and it’s easiest for them to grow their own food,” said Wieger Wamelink, surrounded by several dozen plants in a special greenhouse at Wageningen, an agricultural university in central Netherlands.
“We wanted to use real Martian and lunar soil,” to see if plants would actually grow in it, Wamelink told AFP.

Plants grown in Martian and Lunar soil by Dutch researchers

This is a very good idea which should be a great help if we colonize mars in the future

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This world has gotten so crazy, I may would consider moving. :yes:

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Well, I expect to be moving one of these days, and it will be farther away than Mars (as far as I understand).

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Nobody’s going there alone; and we’ll bring our craziness with us.

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Going to Mars is not the answer. State Secession is the answer - and arrest, trial and execution of these insane Leftists.


Well back to the topic. It is wise to be prepared to have a food source and the next requirement is having a way to produce water if a source can not be found as well as environments which have adequate oxygen.

Mars environment | Tomatosphere


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I am watching the movie The Martian and he has to grow his own food and this ties in with the thread in that it shows that soil simliar to martian soil will grow food so if we actually get there that problem may be minimal.

I enjoyed the movie the Martian…

I find the thought very interesting. Honestly though if I were looking that far in the future I’d be looking at how to make “air” & water. You will die without those things much faster than you would without food. Also we have already proven that you can grow food without soil if you grow it in water. As the movie (the Martian) showed, you can make oxygen with plants BUT where would you get that much air in the first place? Plus I doubt that they were correct on the number of plants that it would take to make enough oxygen for people to live. Lot’s of problems but probably the biggest is the lack of water. Interesting problem but researching it now? Sounds like some kind of interesting scientific experiment that one would use to gain access to government funding.