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Thoughts? :thinking:

I dunno, reliable sources tell me that Desantis is “gutless” and would make a “second rate president”

That crap only works when people are too lazy to investigate… Crap!

All you had to do is to go to the lefts favorite leftist fact checking site … Snopes!

In Gene’s defense, that statement is indistinguishable from a real one. The only questionable part is his calling Ron President.

Aw jeez. Well now I feel like an idiot, my bad.

Who are your “reliable sources?” They are probably working at CNN, MSNBC and the Huffington Post. If not there, then it’s probably Adam Schiff, Jerry Nader and AOC.

Since you live in South Korea, you probably know nothing about Florida politics except what the far left media feeds you. It takes guts to stand up to Disney in Florida. It takes guts to tell the media to go pound salt during the shut-down order in the middle of a pandemic when the “The Saintly Dr. Fauci” as told us that we are all going die if we don’t stay home.

Go ahead and call DeSantis “gutless.” It’s a total dead end argument, but if you want to waste your time on it, it’s time well spent given your political positions.

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Originally the “source” was Trump himself, but if you scroll up a little bit in this thread you will see that it was fake and written by a comedian. I got duped.

Frankly I don’t give a damn about Trump’s pronouncements on the courage of other politicians. I’ll make up my own mind.

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This would be as likely as Predator joining up with Alien.

Gene … That you outta the basement?:hugs::rofl: