Easy and good trade war must be working out -- Good job, guys!


When the topic pertains to my backyard?

You’re complaining to an Alaskan Qix.

It’s like you’re complaining I know too much about snow.

If it’s a world where you jump at shadows, then no, I don’t.

I live in the real world, because I learned how to filter and rank threats.

And while you’ve been busy chasing after ghosts of the 1960s, I’ve been tracking an issue that’s afflicted every. single. developed nation in the present.

Save for us, and it’s only because immigration was there to buoy us.


The Soviet union is your backyard? That’s rich…

Last I checked, Alaska isn’t, and never has been, part of the Soviet Union. Last I checked, they are (were, since the CCCP is defunct) separated by a body of water, to wide to swim and too deep to wade and way too damn cold for comfort, so you didnt just casually stroll over to “the neighbors” for a glass o’ sweet tea on the porch and a chat about moman’em, now didja?

Last I checked, Czechoslavakia was never part of the CCCP, either, being but a “client state”. Pick an American client state, and ask yourself how much you think the average auto mechanic there knows about whats happening in America, even with our (theoretically) free press. But if you had lived there, I’d credit the ‘your back yard’ line a bit more. I bet youve never even visited the Soviet Union, have you? Or the Russian Federation, for that matter.

No idea what you’re talking about. But, ya know, “those who don’t learn from history…”, so if some '60s history is relevant, best be learning from it.

Every successful nation ever, iirc, not just the present. What happened to Rome, Slim? Great success, demographic decline, mass immigration without assimilation, loss of cultural identity, Balkanization. Vastly oversimplified, of course.

That’s legal immigrants who want to assimilate and become American and adopt the American character, not supplant it with the cultural mores of the lands if their birth.


The intentional lack of thought here…

Russians live in Alaska qix, there’s Russian orthodox churches in Alaska, there have been for centuries. And Alaska got regular influxes of “new blood” from the East during the Cold War.

What’s more we get regular contact by the Russian military, and in the 1990s, you got official visits from them every 6 months.

In person eyefuls of not only their ragtag uniforms, but their planes, full of holes, and pallets of vodka, with empty bottles rolling around on the floor.

My mother made a contact with a Russian General she later used to “correct” an error she felt the State Department made concerning one of the demolition units under her command as an S3.

And yet they did just that. Because planes are a thing.

And yet they had Russian troops stationed inside of it. And he had to deal with that. Right until he didn’t. Think he wouldn’t notice the difference?

I bet you never had a member of the Russian military visit your house.

Your “Atzlan theory” that you insist is relevant when it’s no where to be found.

If it was relevant, people would be talking about it. The lack of a public presence tells me that you’re out in the weeds on this.

Oh I’ll fully grant that, but what’s different is that it’s everywhere at once, and it’s at its worst, in the countries with the least immigration.

Japan. South Korea. The cultural nose dive they’re both in… the high rates of suicide, the crisis of manhood, the growth of the funeral industry.

Good thing Latinos assimilate at the same rate as the Italians, and are boosting the self-identifying Caucasian population because of it.

It’s almost like… assimilation is a process, not a “yes” or “no” and to know if it’s working, you need to look at long term trends.

Just like any other social phenomenon.


Almost, she just misses it:

China’s authoritarian leaders fear that free Chinese people would oust them from power, as free people have done throughout the world.

She names policies of the CCP but nothing they’ve done personally about this. She doesn’t mention the Panama papers, or that they’re stashing their family members overseas. Or the capital flight.

The CCP is hedging that they’re not going to survive the confrontation they know is coming. China can’t grow indefinitely, and there will be a reckoning when the citizens start to feel the CCP as having failed to live up to their promises. At which point, all the other failed promises will also come to a head.

To their leftover veterans who don’t have benefits. To rampant scandals of state-owned companies producing poisoned baby formula. To the lack of jobs for the young, or benefits for the old “farm” workers.

Let’s face it: Xi has killed the notion of convergence.

“Convergence” happened in Chile without Pinochet’s say so. It doesn’t matter what the regime thinks or intends. In a market economy, the government doesn’t control the narrative.

What we see in the Panama papers is an admission that the CCP fears they’ve built a machine they don’t control.

The only way Xi could revert that, is if he makes China the same as North Korea. A rogue nation disconnected from the world. Something that would destroy his own power base in the process.


Lol. Self-identifying
Gender first, now race. Why not age? I have the perfect legal defense for Epstein “I identify as a 5 year old - those older women were raping me


No, it was very carefully considered.

Yeah, and Chinese live in Georgia. Guess I’m an expert on China… and Korea and Vietnam and Indonesia and Pakistan and Bangladesh and India and… Come to think, there’s a Russian Orthodox church not too far away. So that counts, too, right?

Pretending for a moment that I find your anecdote credible (spoiler alert, I don’t), it’s just that: an anecdote. The kind you casually dismiss when presented with one contrary to whatever narrative you’re pushing. You know, the way you dismissed Pappadave’s intelligence work that took place during the time the USSR constituted an actual threat.

Uh huh. _They_did. Do you have any idea the scale of Russia? Not even the old Soviet Union, just Russia? How many commands were represented in your (frankly not credible) anecdote? Do you think conditions in the Russian far eastern commands are the same as in the west? I am reminded of the parable of the blind men and the elephant.

Was he ever in Moscow? Leningrad? Sevastopol? Or was he, in fact, in Czechoslovakia, with no direct knowledge of Russia itself?

No, my limited interactions with them took place overseas. I don’t speak Russian, and Russian sailors’ knowledge of English seemed mostly the kinds of words you don’t use around your mother, so not a lot of information interchange.

I don’t have a “theory”. I have some knowledge of history, some exposure to anti-assimilationist (if not down right racist) immigrants and some experience with human nature. All of which adds up to some very unpleasant possibilities.

Not sure if by ‘rate’ you mean speed or percentages. Either way, my experience is that more and more Latinos have no desire to assimilate to America, and are resentful of any implication that they should so much as bother to learn the language. America should assimilate to them.

Valuable as that may be, it doesn’t tell you what is happening right now. Because trends change over time, looking solely at long term trends leaves you unprepared for near term consequences to changing patterns of behavior.


Heh, he wants to, I’m sure (though he wouldn’t consider it ‘rogue’), but he also wants to eat the cake, not just have it. So the CCP tries to split the difference. He needs a talk from Mr. Miagi “Pretty soon, splat, just like grape” (for a given value of “pretty soon”. In a historical context that could be 100 years or more)


You pointed out a number of things about the situation in China, almost all of which I agree with…BUT … none of the points in the paragraph that I quoted in my original post:

In general, I dislike government interference in private business. But our national security takes precedence over free-market policies. Adam Smith made this point in The Wealth of Nations, arguing that Great Britain’s interest in preserving naval supremacy was more important than free trade in the maritime sector: “Defense,” he wrote, “is of much more importance than opulence.” With China committed to taking military advantage of all private commercial activity, we must alter the lens through which we examine U.S. regulation of foreign trade, international supply chains, inward investments, intellectual property protection, and incentives for critical defense technologies. The necessary regulation will be expensive and onerous, but it is the price we must pay to secure our country.


Why not? It happened with the Italians, Germans and Poles.

They lost their ethnic identities, and became “white/Caucasian”. Seems like the same thing is happening here.


When it comes to China, I listen to a news outlet published by Falun Gong partisans

Ergo, not just people from China, but specifically an organization targeted at reporting what goes on there, and de-coding the propaganda the CCP puts out, as well as exposing their actions here and abroad.

And I’ve been listening to them, consistently, for 4 years.

Alongside that, I listen to V-logs of people living in China, and The Economist break downs of their economic situation.

It all comes down to daily habits, and what information you seek out, and why.

I have an intrinsic interest, and I stay informed. I take pride in that.

I don’t wait for random news stories to filter down to me to provoke an interest. I cultivated my sources, proactively.

Meh, I don’t blame you, my mother’s life seems absolutely cartoonish to the uninitiated.

But… diplomatic visits by the Russian military happened in the late 80’s and 1990s.

It was recorded.

? I didn’t see him claim that anywhere. My impression is that he was retired by then.

But what’s more; what I stated is the standard explanation for what happened. My link to the Cold War Museum shows this.

It’s not as exciting as saying “Star Wars did it”, it’s rather technical and long winded: "Bureaucratic reforms and crisis of confidence in the Soviet Government in the wake of Afghanistan, corruption and Chernobyl; now allowed to voice itself. "

Okay… I feel like this is going beyond what I brought up.

My Czech co-worker is relevant, because he felt the effects of the policies first hand. Perestroika made the Russia troops in Czechoslovakia go away. Glasnost is what allowed his family [excluding his dad who had already made it here, albeit clandestinely] to finally leave.

Ergo, he saw the bottom come out from under the Russian’s ability to control the East, and he credited what Gorbachev did to that.

Then if you ever read Thoms Sowell, and find evidence of it maintaining any true following, perhaps we can then move to plausibility.

  1. This happened in previous waves of immigrants. There were conclaves of Germans and Italians who refused to budge.

  2. But it doesn’t matter; the drivers for assimilation are something they can’t overcome.

To do things in our economy that unlock access to the Middle class, you need to know English.

To interact with most of the world, you need to know English. To access any higher-end industrial skill set, accounting, science, medicine, you need to know English.

You concede ground, and internalize the West, any time you move towards any of those things.

To overcome it, they would need to fall into a Scottish Enlightenment, where they became a culture as effective as ours while still maintaining their identity.

A knee-jerk rejection where they try to live separately is just a dead end.

That’s only true if what’s happening is anything new.

if it’s not new, if it’s simply apart of the same social pattern that’s been witnessed here before, then there’s little to be bothered by.


BS on a shingle. If you did all those things, studied as thoroughly as you claim, you wouldn’t have enough time left to EAT…let alone post your BS here.


Not just plausible, it’s inevitable. The only question is “how soon”, and every single illegal that crosses the border is time off the clock. That time should be at least a couple of hundred years in the future, but based on what I’m seeing, I expect it to be less than fifty. Maybe as few as twenty.

The pattern has repeated itself throughout history to (afaict) every single empire ever built. Telling yourself “it can’t happen here, we’re special” does nothing but hasten it along.


Latinos who have no connection, cultural, ethnic or otherwise, to the Aztlán origin-myth, spontaneously joining in to help it see the light of the day? Who would in fact have to be the frontline of that effort because Mexicans are shrinking so rapidly?

Qix, in all honesty, I think you’re abridging too much history, and treating too much as the same. I’d suggest looking into the Bolivarian Revolution. Look into what Bolivar himself tried to do to create “Gran Columbia”, and how that fell apart from under him.

The short answer is in-fighting.

  1. I’m talking about assimilation patterns. Mexicans are hitting the same milestones as the Italians at the same rate. Learning English, becoming “white”, joining into the middle class.

If we ask “What is normal?” When it comes to assimilation, nothing Mexicans have done is an outlier. Even when it comes to conclaves of people who refuse to assimilate, that’s not new qix. Previous waves have had those people.

  1. To your “pattern”, again, I bring up cultural differentials. The state of development of one culture vs another, matters.

Rome was conquered by Tribes who were close to them in development. Rome itself had long since lost its luster, and had degraded in technology. There was no great advantage in their combat ability, and there was no great personal advantage in being a Roman by that point. But there is an advantage in being American vs a Mexican.

Which is the same reason you don’t see ethnic Russians in the Baltic States revolting right now.


It’s easy, here’s their youtube channel; here’s their subsidiary youtube channel. Here’s their website.

If you just watched 2-3 videos a day, you’d catch up within a few months. Overtime you realize many talking points get re-discussed; the CCP infighting (and who the factions are), the suppression of Hong Kong, the litany of 50 cent army tactics, and the corrosive effects the CCP have taken on traditional Chinese culture.
Oh, and corruption, can’t forget that. There’s a dedicated bribe industry in China, just for people sucking up to their bosses.

As to V-logs, I’d recommend ADVChina, two Westerns, one American, one South African. They’ve changed format a bit, but their old videos are good for discussions on things like the Construction scandals, the “lost generation”, or an on-the-ground perspective for just how weird the Taiwan situation is.

Also, chinglish memes. I love it.


It’s “easy” if you accept their nonsense uncritically, you mean? I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at such hubris.




Falun Gong, do you have no idea what that is? Do you have no idea who the organ harvesting has targeted?

The people usually accusing them of nonsense, are agents of the CCP or corrupt politicians in their pocket.


You think America hasn’t lost much of it’s ‘luster’? People come here for the money, not for anything to do with the traditional American character.


Not in the way Rome did, no.

We haven’t suffered a series of military defeats, our soldiers aren’t carrying inferior weapons to the ones their Great-Grandfathers had, we have a growing economy that doesn’t rely on raubwirtschaft to keep itself going. Or tributes from conquered territories.

Technologically, economically, militarily, we have not peaked, much less receded for over a century.

People living here would not do better living as a part of any country south of us.