Easy and good trade war must be working out -- Good job, guys!


Ad hominem, careful RET.

With people, so we don’t become like Japan.

That’s the reasoning RET. If you had kept any tabs on their situations for the last 25 years, you’d know why it’s important we avoid becoming them.

A dying nation, is a ****** one. And without immigration, that’s what we’d be.

And it’s why we need to expand legal immigration.


The people flooding our border and supplying the “replacement births” completely reject Individual Self Determination in favor of the Socialism that destroyed the economies of the countries they are fleeing to come here, they despise our flag, our history, our Principles, our Constitution and they are unabashed Racists.

All of these elements are cheered on by the Billionaires that are investing in space because they want a dependent and enslaved populace which can never challenge their supremacy; the rosy future of an AS world.


And yet, people from Communist countries, hate communism.

It’s like they know what ideas ruined the old country…

But how could they have figured it out? It’s almost like people have agency or something…


I have no desire to become Japan or any other country, just because I reject your Leftist “solutions” does not mean I want any other reality than what is possible as soon as your Party quits making the decisions.

You guys created the problems with your evil policies and now you stump for even more evil policies to fix the issues that you created, no thank you.


And when they get here they vote for a free lunch, not unlike how you claim to oppose things while simultaneously supporting every idea that will further cement that which you claim to hate.


Your “culture” and mine are not in any way similar, there is no “our culture”


We’re going to if we don’t fix the fertility rate, and I don’t see anything from you on this.

Which conservative up and down the line have suggested right alongside me. You can’t deny it RET, I’ve listed them.

Some people suggests individual autonomy exist, you do seem to deny that. So, you’re not really a believer in the American Revolution, because that takes a belief that people have autonomy. That’s the only thing that makes the concept of liberty worthwhile.

People are not automatons, not even immigrants. And immigrants are capable of recognizing that their homeland embraced the wrong idea.

Afterall, that’s why they left. And came to a land with a different idea.

Japan embraced a low immigration policy.

It ****** them.

If you’re saying you don’t want their result, then quit suggesting their policy.

Find a way to make more immigration compatible with whatever else you claim to want, or you’re not fixing the problem.


And yet, I wasn’t talking to you there, was I?

Why would you even imply it?


You said “our culture” in the context of the United States having an advantage, but your Party does not represent the “culture” of most of America in spite of how you guys like to pretend that you are the majority.


rejecting your policy is not embracing Japans policy, your policies have been far worse than anything Japan has done; Japan preserved a culture without value while you guys fight to destroy a culture that once was a blessing and a lamp post to the entire world.


Again RET, ad hominem, I don’t do this to you, so its high time you returned the gesture.

You need to accurately reflect my views. Just because I represent libertarian-lite ideas, and you disagree with Libertarians, doesn’t mean you get to imply they’re something else entirely.

Be honest about whose ideas you’re disagreeing with, or you’re saying you can’t be trusted to actually have a debate.


Says the guy who carries the water for Pelosi, you embrace everything the Left want and you think your claim of different reasons make you seperate; that was Ron Pauls ridiculous justification as well so at least you are consistent.


Immigration is saving the Midwest, and ensured many areas grew and instead of shrank.

If we had a legal guest worker program that actually functioned, things would be even better. We’d have less downsides, and more of the good.


You guys always claim to be “saving” us helpless, ignorant Americans by sending your Racist, Socialists across the border by the millions; if you are waiting for a thank you you will have to get it the same way you guys get everything else you want, at the point of a government gun.


Never have once. You can’t quote me ever doing so. She doesn’t even want the same thing I do.

An accusation you hang on one issue we disagree on?

Something libertarians also disagree with you on? And Conservatives I’ve already named?

And you really trying to argue that?


I live in the Midwest, you live on the West Coast. I need your “thanks” like I need a hole in the hand.


Illegal immigration encompasses EVERYTHING the Left want.
Hatred for America
Support for Socialism
A rejection of the Constitution as an authority
The Welfare State
The destruction of the nuclear family
The destruction of innocent human life in the womb
The enslavement of children and women as sex toys
The eradication of the American middle class
The elevation of crony capitalists
The solidification of one Party rule

You claim a different agenda while embracing their exact position, you are not fooling anyone.


You are a lot further from the real Midwest than I am. no Chicago Leftist ever supported anything that helped farming; but you sure know how to turn farmers into welfare cases.


And yet Libertarians and Conservatives also disagree with you on it.

Want me to list them again? Cause I’ll do it.

Even though you never answer for this, and I know why; because you don’t know how to argue their points.


B.S, I’m right next to Wyoming.