Easy and good trade war must be working out -- Good job, guys!


Libertarians are mostly Democrats who are ashamed to admit it and your list of “Conservatives” are all taken out of context by YOU as they never commented on the dynamics of illegal immigration as they exist today.

Or they are not Conservatives at all, your definition of a Conservative is anyone who wants to “conserve” the deep state.


Yeah, you are also “trucking adjacent” and intimately involved with National Security; thanks to Google you know more than everyone who actually does stuff.



The History Professor from Hillsdale is listing the same Natural Law argument I have for years. Which itself is verbatim the same argument Andrew Napolitano makes.


The fact you can’t be honest about that, proves it all the more. You. Can’t. Respond. You can’t even sum up their arguments.

If there was any part I was taking “out of context” you could quote what that was and point it out.

But you can’t, because you’re making it up.


Yeah, Natural Law has precedent over the Constitution and Napolitano is your idea of a great mind; thank you for making my point.


Which I first mentioned in 2014.

So you can’t complain. This wasn’t new, you just forgot. Or didn’t read; don’t care.

Oh hey look, the Civil Air Patrol has a DHS Mission.

It’s like being the Air Force Auxiliary, somehow means something.

Oh guess what RET? You too could join if you gave a crap.


I never get a tired of watching you double down :slight_smile:


The Constitution was built on Natural Law, and Founding Era Jurists used it as precedent.

You’re demonstrating you have no idea what Tradition the Constitution was built out of.

You have no idea who John Locke was, why he was important, or what the Founders took from him.


Yeah, they just forgot to include the part about preventing government from establishing borders and immigration policy, no worries though because we have all you “Living Document” experts to tell us what they really meant to say.


I never get tired of you being wrong, and my getting to show you up for it.

Make an actual effort RET, I dare you. It’d be a nice change of pace.


Yeah, all of the Google-babies out there are thoroughly impressed with your arguments; they also know what its like to know more than people who actually do the things that they read about so you are like their Buda.


I guess that includes James Madison, who both mentions Natural Law and said the Constitution was a Dead letter?

No research, no follow through… so you’re not making an effort yet, right?


Yeah, he was dead set against the Constitution once he heard it included the authority to establish borders and immigration policy; he wrote extensively about how the entire document should be scrapped because of it departing from the sole authority that he considered valid, NATURAL LAW!

Of course all of that is lost to history, probably because someone like me destroyed all of the evidence.


It’s called knowing history & having data.

Y’know, something you never do? Because making an effort is beneath you apparently?

Talk night & day about the Founders, yet you didn’t even know what ideas they invoked among themselves were…

It’s just pathetic RET, do you realize that?

You would have had more of Classical liberal Education that once taught Americans on this then I did just by virtue of you’re being older, and more of it being taught in our schools back then.

Yet you didn’t even know what their philosophy was or what it was called?

Then crap man, it’s the same as saying you don’t actually care. Which makes you no different than the millions of other schmucks who never heard of it in the first place.


Thank goodness people like me have you to tell us what the Founders really meant to ratify as opposed to what they actually ratified; sometimes I wonder how we all even survived before Google-Babies came along.


There was no immigration policy (that didn’t arise until the 1890s), and Madison said immigrants (or “Aliens”) had just as many rights as citizens under the Constitution.

Because Common Law treated them that way.


You didn’t even know the name RET.

You can try to spin it all you like, but you didn’t even know the name.

Even though you had more time, and more advantageous than I did to find it.


And he made certain that was ratified in the Constitution, but then document fairy’s flew in the window and changed it in secret; by the time it was noticed the Constitution had been signed so they just placed a sword in a stone and awaited for the prophesied Google-Baby generation to appear and straighten us all out.


Yeah, I was totally perplexed; I was thoroughly shocked when I found out how the Founders opposed borders for the country!


There was no passage in the Constitution offering power over immigration.

You can’t deny it. That’s why we had no laws on immigration until a century later.


I see you conveniently left out the definitions of our borders, but it makes perfect sense to have borders when your underlying philosophy is that the whole world has a Right to everything that you fought for and earned.

It makes perfect sense when you think like a Google-Baby!