Easy and good trade war must be working out -- Good job, guys!


His party must have a permanent dependent class of voters who have no interest or respect for the United States if they are to ever hold power; for that to happen requires the taking by force of the property and liberty of American citizens and giving it to the dependent class.

None of the Leftist agenda is compatible with the sovereignty of the United States or the preservation of the Rights that United States citizens are endowed with.

Takers never “get enough” and their leaders lust for the fruits of labor that they have never earned cannot be quenched.


Absolutely NOTHING in that quote intimates that Madison rejected the idea that the United States government has the Right & Responsibility to set immigration policy as needed to serve the interests of the nation; he is simply condemning one current position that sought to justify limiting certain migrants without any national interest justifications.

The Constitution and common sense declare that the United States has every Right to regulate its borders and who it allows to migrate here, just as every sovereign nation does.

You ignore the actual text in favor of elevating individual opinions expressed in a different context and which were clearly never ratified.

Like all of the Left you freely go from embracing the Constitution to casting it into the toilet based on whatever you find most convenient in the moment.


Then you don’t talk to immigrants.

My Mexican co-worker would tell me at length of what he saw as the difference between Mexico and the United States.

The “upper-crust” of their culture was built from the get-go by soldiers and exploiters; people looking to make an easy buck and willing to chain people to do it.

America was founded by religious minorities seeking freedom, and as such, built institutions concerned with keeping each other in check.

Police officers here take honor in their roles; in Mexico, corruption and bribes is the norm.

The crucial element you overlook is agency RET. You think people have no minds of their own, and can’t make comparisons.

Your mindset is a dead end, and it’s exactly what Democrats want you to think. It makes you easy to stigmatize, and rail against.


RET, you didn’t follow the conversation.

The passage was not used to justify immigration power; that’s the point. Immigration power is unenumerated in the Consituion,

Old dog was incorrect to suggest otherwise.

Before the Page Act, immigration was automatically assumed to be a State power. Not a Federal one.

Except I was the one defending the text.

That’s what textualism is; defending the meaning of words as they meant at the time they were written.
Interpreting new meaning into them is ignoring the text.


Let’s try to list all the things AS claims to be “expert” in.

Immigration law
The Constitution and what the founders were thinking when it was adopted
Foreign trade policy
Guns and the 2nd Amendment

Pretty remarkable for someone who claims to be competing for his job with illegal aliens, huh?


Same topic; the one discussion on the 14th amendment aside (which wasn’t written by the Founders) immigration is the only issue on the Constitution we ever talk about.

Same topic.

Uh, no, I never claimed to know much about guns.

The closest thing to a discussion I’ve had on them here is telling Send that a gun ban isn’t going to work. Which I’m pretty sure you agree with.


BS. I don’t have the time nor inclination to go back and copy and paste all of the posts you’ve made about what “Madison said” but you’re not going to get away with denying this.


Slightly off topic but I have a real question. Why is the Chinese blocking of American agricultural products hurting farmers and how long will it last?

If China doesn’t buy American ag products they will have to buy somewhere else or begin starving people. If they buy somewhere else they will diminish the worldwide supply of exports. Other food importing countries will have to make up the shortfall or begin starving people. This should create new markets for American products.

So, it seems that this should be just a temporary phenomena while the marketplace sorts things out.

I welcome insight from all of our resident free-marketeers.


Your question was rhetorical.

They don’t buy Rice from us. They grow more than enough to feed themselves; what they’d lack is enough grain to properly feed their livestock.

Or other export countries grow out their capacity to meet the new demand.

… kind of obvious if you think about it. Especially since up-and-coming agri nations like Turkey were already challenging us on the world market; this will be early Christmas for them.

Equally, there is no one on the planet capable of demanding the same products, in the same amount, as China.

For farmers here to survive, they’ll have to change what they grow. And this year and next year will be a loss no matter what they do.

So yes, Old Dog, there’s going to be a political consequence.