Easy and good trade war must be working out -- Good job, guys!



Trumps own policy has fed into what we see. People on the ground are assuming that now is their best chance to get here because we shut the refugee program down.

We’re getting inflated numbers at the border because of this.

Also; not criminals. Crossing the border and surrendering yourself to a border guard is lawful. Some are criminals I’m sure, but most are not.


It is not legal unless you have applied for asylum in the FIRST country you entered after leaving your own, these criminal liars did NOT apply for asylum in Mexico because they are NOT refugees; just more welfare rats looking for free stuff and a life above the law.


You CANNOT legally cross the border unless you’ve FIRST applied for asylum or a visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate somewhere else. Crossing the border and surrendering simply means that you aren’t afraid of the consequences of your ILLEGAL act because there likely won’t be any.


That was just my little dig on the Trump derangement crowd, no matter how high the evidence piles that proves he is using Tarrifs as political leverage and certainly NOT because he is a “protectionist” they cannot see the obvious.

But they are themselves protectionists, they just desire to “protect” other nations and the democrats agenda of full government dependency in our country; some because of their economic ignorance and others because of their hatred of Trump and our founding principles but they are protectionists none the less.


That’s a refugee RET.

That’s a refugee Dave.

(A program which again, was shut down). Asylum is at the border or inside the country, by definition. I mentioned this before.

It’s only illegal if you don’t surrender yourself.


You cannot enter the United States without permission first, if you do you are violating the law regardless of whether you surrender to authorities or not.

The fact that these criminals know we lack the resources to detain them so they can “surrender” and then get released with no intention of ever appearing before a judge on the day they PROMISE to appear as a condition for their release just makes them liars in addition to being criminals; or as we call them “democrat voters” (which is why you defend them AS)


An asylee is a person who meets the definition of refugee and is already present in the United States or is seeking admission at a port of entry.

No prior approval, no talk or form at an embassy, both Homeland Security and USCIS use this definition.

You didn’t know there was a difference RET, that’s what this is. If you thought about it, you’d realize asylum has always worked this way.

The Cubans did this, the Venezuelans have done it, the Afghans have done it.

If the government you come from is hostile, or just incompetent, people need a way to escape to safety here without prior coordination.


That does not make it legal, it creates a process for dealing with special circumstances where the law has been violated. And part of that process is NOT joining a thousands of people army, not seeking asylum in the counties you pass through first (because they lack Cadillac Welfare) and storming the United States border.

It does however include giving your actual name and promising to show up for your immigration hearing; none of that is done so they are liars and criminals (or kindred political minds for your Party).


This is the law, so yes it is legal. It’s how previous groups of asylees have entered this country. For it to be any other way would mean asylum itself is illegal.

Now admittedly that’s just the front end; people showing up and entering. The back end of people being given a court or interview date, and not showing up, is decidedly illegal.

For the current crop feeding the crisis, I have no idea what their predilections are. I’ll have to wait to see what the report from USCIS is.


Well that’s not illegal, and they do this for their own protection RET. Groups got bigger, because cartels and other groups were squeezing them harder, and Mexico basically ignores any crimes that happen to them.

It is not some “protest” of our politics or our President, it’s just safety in numbers.


BS, AS. You don’t know what you’re talking about here. These aren’t “refugees” in the dictionary meaning of the term. They are criminals who’ve been schooled in how to game the system by CLAIMING to be refugees. 98% of those claims are rejected by the courts when or if they make it TO the courts. If they aren’t true “refugees” then they are what I’ve said…criminals…and they need to be handled like criminals and sent packing.


You quoted the definition of a refugee. Which is different from an asylee.

An asylee does not send word beforehand; you apply for asylum at a port of entry, or inside the country.

A refugee applies for a visa at a U.S. consulate.

This is what I was talking about; you seem to have misunderstood something.


Nonsense, of course. As usual. Those seeking asylum, come into the country LEGALLY and then contact government officials and request asylum. They do NOT sneak across our border and then do it.


I just quoted the definition. Off of DHS’ own website.

You can come here, unannounced, and so long as you surrender yourself to some Government authority (within 1 year), your entry is considered legal.

That’s the law Dave. That’s what asylum is.

You didn’t know, because you didn’t ask, and you did no research.


So did anyone see the news that Mexico capitulated under the threat of tariffs?

Yeah, they worked, as intended.


That’s of no significance when compared to legalistic hair-splitting over the definition of refugee and asylee or whether those making fraudulent appeals for asylum (iirc, more than 80% of these migrant caravans according to DHS) fit the definition. I personally think the proper legal term for those making fraudulent claims to acquire refugee status or asylum is CRIMINAL.


LOL, duly noted!


The Cubans did things this way too. So have other groups.

Pretending everyone can follow the process to be a refugee, means ignoring that local governments aren’t inept or the thing people are running from.


When they get through the process, > 80% are seen as having legitimate claims.

If your complaining about the amount, again, ask why the refugee program was shut down.


It might not be significant to the legalistic hair splitting going on in this thread but it is spot on with the OT.

This will give XI something to think about besides the hundreds of thousands of protertors in Hong Kong:

Despite the doom and gloom rants of the democrats, the media, free traders and quite a few traitorous GOP K Street whores, Donald Trump does it HIS way.