Eating Popcorn and Enjoying the GOP Meltdown


I can’t remember laughing this much and having such a great time at the expense of Republicans. It’s a great time to be alive. How’s it going, Cons? You’re party is dead. DEAD. Your worst fears are coming true right now and there’s nothing you can do about it.
After the GOP convention, you will all wake up, staring at Donald Trump’s (edited) for the following four months. He is now your leader - the leader of the poorly educated.
White House, Senate, SCOTUS – all gone. GONE.
And you get to thank yourselves for all of it. Yes, Republicans, congratulations – you did this. Yes, you. Only you can be thanked.



A ton of crap in this post, but I’ll wade through some of it. As conservatives, the GOP hasn’t been “our party” for quite some time. We don’t have the House and Senate because we have the likes of McConnell, Boehner, and now Ryan. You might want to get the Hillary Can’t-Tell-The-Truth-To-Save-Her-Life Clinton and the Bernie Can’t-Do-Math-To-Save-His-Life Sanders out of your eye before you go making fun of the Donald Foot-In-His-Mouth Trump in ours (give or take those of us here who have supported him; which are few (and even those aren’t so much supporting him as flipping the GOP the bird)).

If you want to actually debate issues like an adult, welcome. If you want to engage in childish gloating, feel free to leave (in fact, we’ll probably help you along the way).


PT, you might want to focus your energies on the fracture in the D Party between the Bern-Outs and Hillbots. The acrimony I’ve seen online is treble or more what has you amused.

And BTW, if you make a habit of posting silly generalizations like, “… the poorly educated …”, your stay here will be brief.


Actually, The CHILL told the truth yesterday, crediting the Reagans and Nancy in particular for their efforts regarding AIDS. Of course, she caught thick and vociferous flak from the Libs and Progs for it, and promptly … apologized.




Yeah, FC pretty much summed it up.


The only “meltdown” I see is the white hot anger the Right has behind the years of political bullsh*t experienced at the hands of both parties, especially over the past 7.5 years under the regime of the absolute worst president in my lifetime.

One final point - if the Obama administration and those in power on the Left want to witness every freakin’ Republican/Conservative voter in the country show up at the polls in November just have Obama’s corrupt administration fail to indict Hillary Clinton.


The old guard has been losing more and more power since at least 2010. It just took a little while for all of it to mount up to this point. In the absence of Trump, they may have even held power through 2020. But this was coming sooner or later.
I don’t think Democrats will manage to retake either the House or Senate, unless the Republican candidates run against Trump. That never works out. Look at 2006 for Republicans and 2010 for Democrats. You stick with the top of the ticket, or cut yourself off at the knees.


Our country is on the brink of collapse; both parties have failed the American public. Quite frankly, I feel that Trump is nothing more than a siphon for the DEMS to draw votes away from conservative candidates. The GOPe has indeed sunk their own ship by pandering to the left. As Ted Cruz has pointed out the leadership in the Senate is so corrupt, that there really is no difference in party. Leadership in the House is not much better. We have but a few truly conservative Senators and Representatives remaining that continue to honor the Constitution and our rule of law.

I find it alarming, but really not surprising that someone would express delight in the demise of the party; hoping a party fails while enjoying popcorn. While I am not a fan of the establishment on either side, I do love this country and our Constitution. If the Republican party along with any shred of conservatism that is left fails, I guarantee you, so will the country. Liberalism hasn’t worked in the past, isn’t working now and certainly won’t work in the future. When and IF this country collapses, hopefully you’ll still be able to sit back and enjoy your popcorn; otherwise, I’m afraid you are in for quite a rude awakening.

In looking at the candidates for the Democrat party, we have a known liar and criminal running along with a self-proclaimed socialist. I would love to know how you forsee this country existing under either one of them. Perhaps Sharia law appeals to you while you are stripped of all your rights, with absolutely no way to defend yourself.