Editing the candidates’ Wikipedia pages


Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website in the world, and in a presidential race in which millions of people use the site to research Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, some of the most influential figures in the race are almost completely unknown.
Wikipedia editors, many of whom are unpaid and live across the globe, take it upon themselves to manage every word, link and image published to Trump’s and Clinton’s biographical and campaign pages.

Since the creation of wikipedia there have been efforts to rewrite pages to reflect views rather than truth and even influence others by phony information. This election is no different.

Gays have rewritten pages to give the impression that figures from the past were in fact gay or made allusions to current figures being gay. I read an article the other day where someone had written a book and gays decided the characters were gay in spite of the author saying he had no such intention.

This is why wikipedia while it can be useful one must keep in mind efforts by those who want to confuse an issue.


I had to laugh at this thread. Back in 2008, Sarah Palin’s wiki page was edited three times in five minutes. Some poster here used the page to argue her heritage. When we went back and forth he simply threw up his hands and became a non-believer in wiki. :grin:


Wiki is my FIRST source and no matter how untruthful the fact is there is truth there which now gives me the ammo to confirm, giving me additional facts to work from and then I confirm that.

Wiki + 2 confirmation = truth.

When I post something its RARE I have not gone at least 3 deep to confirm before I print.


Wiki is pretty much OK with non-controversial information. But not as source to back up anything with.


There is no premium put on honesty anymore. It’s all about the Narrative; about tub-thumping and shouting down those who disagree. Morality is for Bitter Clingers.

From Donald Trump himself, we learned that a pleasing narrative was more important than facts. Nor is there any shame in Bearing False Witness - as Rafael Cruz has learned, along with five women who may or may not have even ever KNOWN a Texas Senator.

And he’s the MORE HONEST candidate. What does that tell you about the sad state of public affairs today?

Wikipedia is fine when researching NON-POLITICAL issues. If you want to know how many years Acme Widget produced the Model C Widget, they often have that information. But when it comes down to facts-versus-the-shifting-Narrative to push government expansion and control and the need to demonize opponents…don’t even bother.