Education Shows How To Win Elections

I spend a lot of time figuring out why our public schools are so messed up. The short answer is that Socialists infiltrated and took over, starting in the early 1900s.

Imagine lots of professors with the same mindset as Bill Ayers, Obama, Hillary, and Bernie. They scorn the traditional, the patriotic, the religious, the academic, the American. Instead of intellectual achievement, these people promote social engineering; and the country is slowly being destroyed.

But here’s the good news. Our closet socialists have won a lot of battles over the last century. So the Education Establishment has gotten extreme and reckless, sort of like the Capone gang. Once you recognize the fingerprints of these heavy-handed “change agents,” as they call themselves, you know who to blame for many of our problems.

They make children memorize sight-words in order to read. Doesn’t work. They invent weird new useless approaches to arithmetic, such as New Math and Reform Math. Don’t work. They make the schools use Constructivism, which dictates that children must invent their own new knowledge. Pretty soon American children do not know where Alaska is.

Everything the Education Establishment promotes is dysfunctional and destructive. It’s more and more obvious. (I see from a video today that even school teachers are starting to figure out that their professors lied to them. See the Reading League video –

Imagine spending your whole career making sure that children can’t read, can’t do arithmetic. You have to be a mean, cold-blooded person.

Conservatives and Republicans should naturally unite to oppose the blatant malfeasance of our so-called educators. Ergo, the road to electoral success is through education.

In understanding our educators, you understand the soul of the Democrat Party. You understand CNN. You understand why the New York Times looks like a newspaper but isn’t. Probably the one word that best sums them up is Commie. These people are very industrious. They get up in the morning seeking to destroy the US as we know it. They will use agitprop, sophistry, or outright lie.

It’s amazing that even against this cruel enemy, a lot of Republicans seem weak and even Conservatives are passive.

Yes, the left has taken over the education system, and that’s why we are headed in the direction we are today.

The left has always had influence on college campuses, but it really got started during the Viet Nam era. Socialism got a foothold then, and the rapid advance downward has only gotten faster. College professors indoctrinate one generation of graduates, and they pass it on to the next generation. It’s hard to break that cycle.