Edward Snowden .. Hero or Traitor?


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**Sillipuddi:**Edward Snowden … Hero or Traitor?Yes
Not Sure

I’ll start this off.

Under this administration … hero!


He’s a hero no matter who is in charge!




Hero. But then, I think Bradley Manning is a hero.


[quote=“Cactus_Jack, post:4, topic:39779”]
Hero. But then, I think Bradley Manning is a hero.
[/quote]I probably do too. Pretty sick and tired of government secrets along with the government that begets them.


The first one, or neither one, but certainly not a traitor.


Can you link to the original thread in your first post?


nvm, found it and there wasnt any additional info there


The ends dont justify the means this guy is just as much a traitor as Bradley Manning


liberals and liberaltarians agree betraying your country is the highest honor

These guys arent whistle blowers, neither stood up and took a stand about what they saw. Manning leaked the info to a foreigner intent on hurting the US and Snowden fled to a foreign country seeking asylum instead of taking responsibility for his actions


I voted Traitor, but I don’t feel his act is necessarily justification of the title.

Breaking his security clearance is, in general.

However, when there is absolute wrong doing, you have a choice to make. To me personally, this does not cross that threshold where your clearance, and trust should be broken.

I think the dude is a fool. However, if he had evidence where this data repository was used wrongly, I think that should have been the line.

I am not unconvinced that this is another rabbit that has been “flushed” to draw the attention from Benghazi, and the IRS.


Not to mention that Manning did not act out of Patriotism, but out of revenge. He is an angry homosexual that felt he was being bullied because he had to uphold standards. He didn’t like having to shave every day, and press his uniform, and ensure his quarters were clean and tidy. Manning’s sole intent was to harm our troops. Anything past that is mere imaginative justification because someone likes the results. He will be in prison for a long time, and he deserves much worse.


I agree totally. However, I used the same logic to vote NOT SURE.


And yet no soldier has ever outed Area 51. Think about it. I took an oath of confidentiality when I went to work for the state and I still abide by it.


Yes, it doesn’t matter what the glorious state does, it should be able to do it without fear of being exposed or held to account. All praise the glorious state, for it is our master and protector. What would we do without it? [/SARCASM]

If the government deserves to be betrayed then it should be betrayed. The people deserve better, and they deserve to know what their government is up to.

Why am I not surprised that conservatives are just as in love with the state as liberals. They just love it and bow down before it for different reasons.

BTW, I’m not a liberal, I’m a moderate with increasingly libertarian leanings.


Conservatives are in love with honor, commitment, responsibility and accountability which Snowden and Manning have none of


All I can say is you have a twisted view of honor, commitment, responsibility and accountability if you willingly and knowingly choose to turn a blind eye to government betrayal of it. Dirty government, dirty corporations, and dirty politicians should be exposed and I don’t care who does it and what their motivations are. The people have a right to know.


I never said they didnt. What I said is the ends dont justify the means.


Yeah, the people should just wait for the government to admit to it. lol


I agree with you but at the same time I consider him a hero. We deserve to know what our government is doing so long as they operate with our tax dollars. If they are invading our privacy in the name of Freedom and liberty then that deserves to be know. Trust through transparency. Crap like this shouldn’t have to happen but it does cause the government is its own worse enemy.