Egyptian Christians murdered by muslims Sunday nite


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children were among the murdered. The murderers were their NEIGHBORS!! Opportunistic Muslim Neighbors.


Not surprised by this at all.


They should have moved near the “peaceful” ones. Certainly they must have moved next to a Terrorist Training Facility. It couldn’t be the mainstream Muslims doing this, since everyone knows that only a few bad apples are causing all the violence and the 1.5 billion Muslims are getting a bad rap.:no: (sarcasm)

I know some people say I am a bigot, but I still believe this is the true nature of Islam.


Hmmm. Well if you live next to a nest of scorpions you’re probably going to get stung. Why isn’t this picked up and reported by the mainstream media? Because we want people to WANT to become muslim!!!
It is absolutely amazing that liberals hate anything that takes away their freedom to do anything. But they are head over heels in love with Islam. Can somebody tell me what the f–k is going on? How can there be so many insane people?



A pic I took yesterday of Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers #jan25
posted by @NevineZaki from Twitter for BlackBerry 2 weeks 5 days ago

I’m not going to comment, theres too much to write. But the pic made me smile :slight_smile:


um. what evidence is it that these people are christians?


I suspect that was mentioned somewhere; however, I can well imagine Christians protecting Muslims. I cannot, however, imagine Muslims protecting Christians.


I agree but i also think that mis-reporting of something that is not what it seems has the effect of confusing the public…especially the West. It conflicts them making them think that things are not as bad as they appear. Any confusion works out for the jihadiis. i think they know this.


This is very true - but the statement made here was positive for the Christians. Neutral, actually, for the Muslims.


The only thing a muslim would protect a christian for, is so they can kill them themselves later on.


it was from a persons personal twitter, they uploaded it it. i guess i trust regular ppl


Well it was a nice sentiment.


At least they’re in a better place now.


Yep. My wife has been patiently waiting 12 years to kill me.


My next door neighbor lady is a Christian from Egypt. She has been here for approx. 35 years and has never been back. She mentioned many acts of violence and oppressions against Christians. Within a month before the recent events in Egypt, she was starting make plans to go back. Those plans have been stopped.


how sweet of you. You won’t mind if your ‘friends’ take the same position if anything happens to you?


I’m sorry, but I’m not a five year old who pulls the “but they did it too.”


But it will be too late for the “he did it, too” when you and/or your friends are murdered. Rape and murder are not comparable to childish bickering.


I understand wives are sneaky like that :wink:


They are one in the same with Islam! Allah won’t mind a little rape and murder now and again. In fact I believe he commands it.