Egyptian unrest


Here is a fellow who is in the thick of things over there. The internet has been shut down(something Obama wants power to do) so he is Twittering to get the message out

Warning there is inappropriate language

Sandmonkey (Sandmonkey) on Twitter


How is he using Twitter if the Internet’s been shut down?


[quote=“SuddenImpact, post:2, topic:29005”]
How is he using Twitter if the Internet’s been shut down?
[/quote]cell phone


But the cell network has been shut down too; I just heard it on the news. =/ Plus that was Sandmonkey’s last post, was that mobile phones no longer work.


Oh! Here: Egypt: Night Falls, After Day of Rage · Global Voices


It would be nice if some one would read the articles once in awhile because the questions asked later could have been found in the article.


What article?


Explain this to me. IF, as i’ve heard that the average Egyptian earns about 2.00 a day, how can they afford cell phones and the internet? So why bother shutting the internet down?


Just becasue things cost so much here does not mean so over there.


no. I can’t buy that.

Why Are People In Egypt Protesting? - INFOGRAPHIC | Neon Tommy


El Baradei backed by muslim Brotherhood. Well. Surprise, surprise.

ElBaradei: Hit the road, Mubarak; Update: Muslim Brotherhood backs ElBaradei? « Hot Air


Looking at their per capita GDP, the figure would be around $6.5 per day. Of course, that’s still low, but people in Cairo (where the main protests are) probably earn more than the national average. Also, as indicated by Seravee, general cost of living and of products like that must cost less there. Russians on average make a bit under 25 dollars a day looking at GDP per capita, but we have more cell phones than people (around 1200 per 1000 people) and around 30% of the population subscribed to internet.


I just read an article from some purported Israeli who claims he took a group to Egypt and he has had no trouble what so ever and they were treated nicely and cordially. That kind of clashes with the stories I have been seeing about mass demonstrations and people getting killed. I have been hearing about those who support radical Muslims driving some of the outrage.


And the truth finally comes out. It’s Isreal’s and Bush’s fault.

CNN Interviews With Anti-Mubarak Protesters Turns Into Anti-Israel & Anti-US Hatefest
Posted on January 30, 2011 at 5:49pm by Scott Baker

Alexandria is something of a stronghold for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, so maybe this did not come as a total surprise to CNN reporter Nic Robertson.

As he talked with protesters along a demonstration route he encountered a group who reveal, with great candor, some of their real motivations for opposing Hosni Mubarak. The clip takes the anti-Israel turn at the 1:30 mark:

Woman #1 sets the stage for Woman #2:

“All the people hate him. He’s supporting Israel! Israel is our enemy. We don’t like him…Israel and America supported him. We hate them all!”

Woman #1 then explains that they will accomplish the removal of Mubarak by “revolution.”

Then the guy that follows them takes it up a notch by explaining that when the people in Egypt are finally free they will be able to “destroy Israel.”

CNN Interviews With Anti-Mubarak Protesters Turns Into Anti-Israel & Anti-US Hatefest | The Blaze


If the Muslim Brotherhood speaks for all of Egypt then yes it is the truth if not then these people are nothing but extremists looking to take advantage of the situation to attempt a grab at power.


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